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The Townsend Mole champion is taken out! Finally. | Scuff Productions

The Townsend Mole champion is taken out! Finally.

Bloged in garden,General Home Life,Nature,Pacific Northwest by mark Tuesday June 19, 2007

But BEFORE I write that tale down, a quick note on squirrels. After 4-5 years of having baffle cones hooked onto our shepherd hooks holding bird feeders, ONE squirrel finally learned to make a LONG leap from the deck to land one inch above the baffle then grab on, climb up and voila! Steal all the food! In this photo, I have placed MAC in the middle between the deck and this feeder for perspective:
Can you BELIEVE a squirrel making a leap this big? They NEVER cease to amaze me. Put an obstacle in front of them, and they’ll sit, stare, cock their head, (I swear they are truly “reasoning” things out)…..and eventually figure out a way around the obstacle. This guy did. This morning, this feeder was moved ONE more foot away from the deck. Can he leap what will now be at least 7-8 feet? We’ll see.

Now on to treachery and victory! Here lies the villain four months after beginning his attacks on our property:
Since sometime early March, that single VERY fat townsend mole has terrorized one spot in the yard that was impossible to manage, but easy to deface for him. We have a light pole right by the sidewalk out from the garage door entrance. For some -4- MONTHS now, this ONE mole has been digging tunnels, pushing up dirt at this spot, then moving under the sidewalk to the flowerbed between the garage and sidewalk. I have done ALL these things MORE than once fighting this ONE invader:

1) Flooding the tunnels. That stops him for about 6-7 days.
2) Gassing the tunnels ….that stops him for about 10-12 days.
3) Trying to set a trap when he’s in the beds. He simply dug around them.
4) Tamping the dirt back with shovels. That slows his progress 1-2 days.
5) Swearing at him and placing curses on him in the name of all things powerful. NO effect.

Just Sunday, he showed back up in the beds, Monday all around the light pole. TODAY, I HAD to do something, he had FOUR active push ups of dirt….so much I was wondering if the lawn would collapse under its weight. And in my attack on him today, FINALLY, Mark – 1. Mole – 0.

How did we manage this mighty victory. Yes, as it ALWAYS is, it was a trap:
But it took MORE than this trap to finally make move between the jaws of victory.

FIRST I set a trap in the tunnel pushed up at the flower bed just across the sidewalk from his light pole digs.

Then, I used my handy new metal rod to locate the actual tunnels where the dirt was pushed up, and easily opened all four. I flooded all FOUR holes and followed by spraying insecticide into them. Now I knew the tunnels that he had JUST been in were toxic and he HAD to move somewhere…..I hoped under sidewalk toward the trap.

I left the battlefield. I watered flower beds………fertilized some things, set up sprinklers on the cutting area and on the berm. I came into the house to have a bite of breakfast, AND……look at the war zone.

Whoopee! The trap was sprung and as you’ve seen, that one FAT FAT Mole was done. This is what we’ve been fighting for four months at the lightpole:
Right under these two holes is concrete for the pole, and the sidewalk. There’s no way to have set a trap here:

Finally, we slowly remediate this little spot and get the lawn back…………until the next mole arrives.

I AM awaiting the first moles to arrive in the vegetable garden. As surrounding yard dries out and we water there, we are guaranteed some invaders. But those are easy to deal with…no metal and concrete in the way.

I’m off to water and see what’s new in the vegetable garden. We’re to have TWO days in the low eighties…………whoopee……..maybe some of our stunted vegetable growth will grab on and leap forward an inch or tow.

Now, once again, I go back and join the peace movement.

2 responses to “The Townsend Mole champion is taken out! Finally.”

  1. DougT says:

    I am so reminded of the gopher scene from the movie Caddyshack. Good thing you didn’t have to try hand grenades.

  2. UrSpo says:

    it is time for trophy mounting or mole pie; which one?

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