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GARDEN 2017 NOTE: which ones to get | Scuff Productions

GARDEN 2017 NOTE: which ones to get

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Monday September 26, 2016

just a reminder note for mark….just today, the last of the garden was cleaned out, a big bag-o-tomatoes (not quite ripe)….picked, and will be cooked in a couple days into a sauce for the freezer……. SO. When those plants were ripped out and cleaned up, I had the perfect chance to get a reminder for myself which plants did well, and the “experimental” ones we should NOt grow again up here.

at our peak:


1. STUPICE – OF COURSE! I’ve been a plateful of these little Russian slicers since July! STILL have some in the kitchen ripening…..had -5- of these plants this year, enough to give plenty away to friends….

2. SAN MARZANO – Great for canning, but even when picked at their peak, good to eat. CANNING!!!!
3. MOSKVICH – another Russian heirloom…HARDY, early, medium kids, globe shaped….tasty.
4. AMISH PASTE – Teardrop shaped…..good for CANNING, but ALSO good sliced when picked ripe.
5. BLACK FROM TULA – Red at bottom, dark green at top when ripe, slightly flattened….GOOD SLICER…BIG

ON the FAIL side, do NOT buy again:

6. MAXIBEL – didn’t produce one tomato.
7. CHOCOLATE REAPER – only a few blossoms tried to make fruit that did not ripen at all at our elevation.
8. CAROLINA REAPER – same as above

There you go!

And on the PEPPER side, don’t try the LEMON HABANERO PEPPER again – – the fruit was so little, didn’t even attempt to work with it.

BACK later……it’s 87 degrees out there, and may WELL BE the LAST day of THIS YEAR this happens….. If I get all done, I may just SIT on the deck and read the first bit of my new Reichl Book, “Tender at the Bone.


One response to “GARDEN 2017 NOTE: which ones to get”

  1. Urspo says:

    I would sell my grandmother for one just Stupice.

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