GARDEN 2017 NOTE: which ones to get

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Monday September 26, 2016
just a reminder note for mark....just today, the last of the garden was cleaned out, a big bag-o-tomatoes (not quite ripe)....picked, and will be cooked in a couple days into a sauce for the freezer....... SO. When those plants were ripped out and cleaned up, I had the perfect chance to get a reminder for myself which plants did well, and the "experimental" ones we should NOt grow again up here. at our peak: tomato-harvest-sep-12 ON THE PLUS SIDE: 1. STUPICE - OF COURSE! I've been a plateful of these little Russian slicers since July! STILL have some in the kitchen ripening.....had -5- of these plants this year, enough to give plenty away to friends.... 2. SAN MARZANO - Great for canning, but even when picked at their peak, good to eat. CANNING!!!! 3. MOSKVICH - another Russian heirloom...HARDY, early, medium kids, globe shaped....tasty. 4. AMISH PASTE - Teardrop shaped.....good for CANNING, but ALSO good sliced when picked ripe. 5. BLACK FROM TULA - Red at bottom, dark green at top when ripe, slightly flattened....GOOD SLICER...BIG ON the FAIL side, do NOT buy again: 6. MAXIBEL - didn't produce one tomato. 7. CHOCOLATE REAPER - only a few blossoms tried to make fruit that did not ripen at all at our elevation. 8. CAROLINA REAPER - same as above There you go! And on the PEPPER side, don't try the LEMON HABANERO PEPPER again - - the fruit was so little, didn't even attempt to work with it. BACK's 87 degrees out there, and may WELL BE the LAST day of THIS YEAR this happens..... If I get all done, I may just SIT on the deck and read the first bit of my new Reichl Book, "Tender at the Bone. Yum.

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  1. Urspo says:

    I would sell my grandmother for one just Stupice.

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