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2016 late summer life bits | Scuff Productions

2016 late summer life bits

Bloged in General Home Life,Pacific Northwest,Scuff Boys by mark Tuesday September 13, 2016

1. Yep, I AM feeling a bit older…..I SO do NOT like this being the year I will pass the decade of the


…and hope I stay healthy/lucky enough to continue to “seem” to attract conversations with lots of younger people …..I LOVE talking to people about life……. Why else are we here after all?

2. 2016 summer in portland. Year of the weirdest weather we’ve seen in our 20 years. Everything ended up growing, just not quite as normal as in other years….the veggie garden tomatoes just ripening here in mid-September… everything else: DONE, FInito…out!

3. Theater. Just began our 2016 season, but besides our Artist Rep Theater tickets (lowered to only 4 shows because we didn’t like the plays they’ve chosen ….. Rodger’s boss has “given” a season of tickets to us to Coho Theater Productions as well….and will likely be going to those with Steve and Jo….just did the first one, the “GUN SHOW” on Saturday Night…..a serious, hard look and conversation afterwards with attendees about guns and violence . . . . whew! SO NICE that Steve and Jo love going out afterwards too for a drink and post-play discussion……. then, the very next day, we go with cuz Nancy & Jerry to Artist Rep’s first season play, “TREVOR”. . . .a ridiculous attempt at humor trying to portray a weird relationship between a chimp and a new widow owner that ends up in tragedy. Not ONE bad review could we find in New York, Los Angeles, or SF . . .or here for that matter, but not ONE of us liked it and wished we’d walked out at intermission (as a few others did)….. Whew! . . . . . AT LEAST, looking forward to a great season for theater for us this year!

4. Night life. What? We have night life? The weirdest thing, it’s only a mile away…. since Scott Becker bought the Skyline Tavern (as a sort of “plaything” toy….) . . . it’s become quite the hangout for some neighbors (we’ve met a few we never have met)….intel/nike engineers, the curious from downtown who’ve read about this new tavern’s life, a great MIX of people… Lisa, Mandy, Steve, Alex, all make us feel welcomed completely…..always people to meet and chat with, interesting music on fridays….. we’re glad this has come to the ‘hood.

5. Dog. Just reached 12, and is showing it. The hips are weaker, his skin chronically dry, the energy not lasting that long…..I’m convinced his swimming has helped keep his health good this long. Sigh. Mac’s been a good friend to have around.

6. Dining / Cooking. Continues always to be an enjoyable experience to me. So glad the greatest breakfast/brunch in this town of a 1000 restaurants continues to be John St Cafe just at the bottom of the hill, and glad the Overlook Restaurant, now in its 60th year run by a Greek family, of course, REMAINS the ONE absolutely identical twin of the classic 50’s diner/coffee shop / bar in the back . . . . place where you can get liver and onions day or night, chicken fried steak breakfast/lunch or dinner, and on and on…. great little place.. …

5 responses to “2016 late summer life bits”

  1. Urspo says:

    As always I am delighted to see you post and get your updates.
    Many happy returns!

  2. TIm Mc says:

    after a trip to the vet, some antibiotics and a steriod treatment the scratching has gone down. don’t know if that will help your situation at all but it’s working for me a bit.

  3. Tim Mc says:

    Oklahoma the land of allergens… yeah mine seems to be at least partly age and breed related, I’ve found that shea butter works well when he gets dry skin scabs. However we’ve tried altering his diet, adding cans of alpo for extra fat, fish oil, and oatmeal shampoos. all with limited success. thanks for your tips though!

  4. Tim Mc says:

    meh age is just a number!! lol whatever that means. any tips on the chronic dry skin for a dog? my dog is late 9ish and we’ve been struggling with this all year.

    • mark says:

      Hey TIM…..Where do you live? So much can affect the dang dog skin…OURS…we’ve decided is simply genetic and chronic…he’s had it 6 months a year for 12 years now…we DO use the dry-skin shampoos and some ointments if it gets bad…. WISH I had a better answer. 🙂

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