and the new garden harvest begets: Salsa

Bloged in food: recipes + dining out,General Home Life by mark Tuesday August 9, 2016
So. Pickling's outta the way. Dilled Beans done. **This weird summer has been very slow to begin harvesting enough Tomatillos to make salsa......but in the last week....I finally had enough on hand.... SO. Tomatillo Salsa Batch 1 came through yesterday. Of course.... get it all in one place.....ready to mix it up: salsa seeson strt It's always a bit fun to make some batches a little warmer than others.....for #1 batch this year, there's a habanero, some cayenne flakes and the rest all serrano...may be a warm batch! salsa mixup 1 It's always fun when you have some peppers from the garden to use: salsa mixup 2 At the start of the cook: salsa cook1 And 20 minutes later: salsa cook 2 And 10 minutes after that, we're all done: salsa finish I'm in Salsa making mood now.....c'mon summer, help me ripen some more Tomatillos.

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  1. Urspo says:

    I remember tasting these; they were delicious.

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