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Rufous Hummingbirds taking up residence | Scuff Productions

Rufous Hummingbirds taking up residence

Bloged in birding by mark Tuesday March 20, 2007

As of yesterday, when I first saw three female rufous fighting for one of the three feeders up around the yard, I immediately added another four and within minutes saw them testing out the feeders. Since that moment, I’ve seen hummingbirds every few minutes somewhere in the yard. It appears our own local kids are arriving back here for a few short weeks of nest building and rearing young.

I stumbled on another web site that may give you a good look at these little birds in action. They have lots of wildlife catalogued with video clips, and the hummer is no exception….take a peek:


I am perty happy too that I still see an Anna’s every day or two…both male & female. Here’s fair pic from the web of a male:
**You can also see them in action at that same web page.

So now I’ve gotten the other box of feeders from the garage and will begin cleaning out the BIG Hummer feeders for our peak hummer time in mid-April…………through June.

One response to “Rufous Hummingbirds taking up residence”

  1. A Wee Leprechaun says:

    Hummingbirds, Barber shop quartets, bones not bombs, but no Hooley reference.
    Where’s me Lucky Charms?!!!
    -One of the Little People

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