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2013's frosty beginning in Portland | Scuff Productions

2013’s frosty beginning in Portland

Bloged in General Home Life,Pacific Northwest,Portland by mark Tuesday January 15, 2013

I couldn’t let the FROST 2013 event pass without a comment or two and a few of the pics captured…..I’m trying to make this short.

From the last birding trip in November….I ALWAYS love what this big farm does with two old ancient farm trucks all summer long….from season to season, whatever’s at its peak is placed into the beds of these trucks…here was the last one of the year:
sauvie grdn truck

Here, from our quick trip to Multnomah Falls with pal Doug Taron visiting from Chicago, we passed fun ice spots in the gorge…..some of the hillsides looked like a movie set:

At a point we stopped to absorb a small stream almost completely frozen from high cliffs to the bottom…I saw a plaque honoring this person who donated the land right here to the Gorge….the MYSTERY about it was the old stone fireplace that adjoined this spot….it made me wish I could have seen the old place when the family as living there:

And here that was….almost lost now in moss, green, and decay….it just called for a story to me:

And here was that iced over little creek…..

And here WAS gorgeous Multnomah Falls getting all seized up in ice:

another view: (the wonder of this place is NO less magnificent in winter than it is in summer)

The pond below the first stream break under the high bridge…almost completely iced over:

And the BASE of the falls: ***The blowing wind had that bridge completely iced ….I was surprised the Forest Svc was letting anyone up here:
icedbase of multnmhjan2013

Another iced over creek….that ONLY kept flowing because it covered a LOT of ground in a short time:

And friend Doug Taron, shivering in front of the Falls in the icy wind:

And now for a couple fill-er pics from the winter:

Mark’s date at the last Grateful Dead show: (Thanks, Nancy….)
marksdate at deadshow

This IS MAC swimming at 30 degrees down at the pier in St Johns….doesn’t care if it’s 20 or 80:

WET and now shivering yet:

When we have these cold periods, I always kind of like just knowing this is out there, dry, covered, and ready to go….it’s the remnants of our big old fir from 2011:
warm security2013

MY FAVORITE VIEW THIS WEEK from our BACK YARD, right BY the woodshed:

The LAST of the Gravenstein apples are NOT going to waste….the wintering-over (from Alaska)Varied Thrushes are devouring them like crazy right now since the ground is too frozen for them to grab some grains:

And other favorite, the limbs of the big FIR out in front by the garden just look magic:

The tree branches right by the garage:
frosty tree branch

AND NOW……we tried out this area rug in the new dining room……it was returned…..TOO much red:
new dining carpet trial

And our tiny little Christmas tree this year….had to be moved because of the new wood stove, so NO space as we’ve always had for something grand….”downsizing”:
xmas tree 2012

AND ICED NW Skyline Blvd….was solid BLACK ICE this morning…….car wrecks, you name it, it happened….and by 10:30, it was all melted:

5 responses to “2013’s frosty beginning in Portland”

  1. Great photos! Thanks for sharing them. …though that Doug guy seems to pop up in every blog photo lately. Wha’s up wit dat?

  2. Urspo says:

    I was thrilled to see you posting again! I enjoyed all the photos – my favorite one was of you; you have a lovely smile.

  3. robin andrea says:

    Wonderful photos, Mark! Love seeing all that ice and frost there.

  4. Stephen says:

    Thank you for the remarkable photographs & for sharing your life with your readers!

  5. Rain Trueax says:

    Great photos. I love the Gorge and Portland

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