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A Garden was murdered! End of season 2012 | Scuff Productions

A Garden was murdered! End of season 2012

Bloged in garden by mark Thursday October 11, 2012

For my garden notes next year……………….END of gardening occurred yesterday, Oct 10. **there are still some tomatoes on the kitchen counter, unbelievably: The Carbon and Japanese Moromoto were the surprise beefsteak additions…..but…one MUST remember our DRY weather was at a record length….3 months of dry that won’t end until tomorrow. TOMORROW? ALL forecasts say this IS the beginning of the WET season……NO day on any extended forecast does not show rain.

So. I’ve had time to really prepare the garden for this coming rain. EVERY year for the past 15, it has taken the deer 3-4 days to kinda figure out the deer fence is DOWN and they can eat everything they want that’s left…. BECAUSE of our mini drought, this year, everything was GONE the first night……at least leafy stuff….all the lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, tomatillo plants that had been left…. 2nd night? All remaining anything was gone: carrot tops, branches of all the above plants….and for the first time in 15 yrs, they ate EVERY single remaining tomato (I’m SURE for the moisture inside).

Yes, the deer fence came down on a warm sunny day…..a GOOD day to work outside… has always come down later, but in mud/rain…this was nice.

Today’s prep for rain involved: all tomato cages stacked stored, first firewood moved into garage, stacked, and 2 boxes of kindling now ready for the NEW woodstove installation next Tuesday, YEA!. Ran the lawnmower mostly to pick up all leaves dropped from dry weather, then fertilized everything and put down bug stuff on chosen areas where moles attack us in winter.

Cousin Bruce has gone to Oregon City for a few days to spend with lifetime friend Dan and his wife…..we’ll see him back here about Sunday, good, except it will be WET when he’s here…..narrowing our choice of things to do.

MAC, has gotten used to swimming 2-3 times a week since we have no longer hiked much ……… he really is in good shape but does show some wear in that he doesn’t swim for an hour anymore….he’s down to 30-45 minutes…..then he begins dawdling around and not returning stuff like he should….you can TELL when he’s ready to be done……

And no pictures! VERY soon, I should be able to post something interesting with pics……can’t wait for the stove to come, get the place painted, baseboards down, and think about how to live in this new(er) space. Cool.


2 responses to “A Garden was murdered! End of season 2012”

  1. lazybythelake says:

    my new favorite to do with tomatoes:

    Tomato Soup – Curried

    •5 Medium-Large Tomatoes (I used yellow toms)
    •1 Large Sweet/Yellow Onion
    •4 to 6 Cloves Garlic (palate’s discretion)
    •1 Tablespoon Curry Paste (I used a Kashmiri Masala Red Curry—chilies & garlic)
    •1 Can Coconut milk (or chick/veg stock if no c. milk, or a combo!)

    Chop & sauté onion—chop garlic while onion is cooking

    Add chopped garlic & curry paste

    Bloom the spice—chop tomato while blooming

    Add chopped tomato

    Add can of coconut milk (or chick/veg stock)

    Bring to a bubble then simmer while you prep a salad

    Puree and return to the pot & toast some bread

    Salt to taste (pepper too unless you have used a hot curry like I did then be careful with pepper)

  2. Rain Trueax says:

    I enjoyed your garden posts, and I missed having a vegetable garden this year. We were gone for the best planting season, then the rains kept our ground too soggy for planting late. Hopefully we added enough compost, manure and topsoil, to make next year less vulnerable to the weather which in our area tends to be wet for a long time– before it’s dry for a long time.

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