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Arizona day 4: Bisbee and Karchner Caverns. | Scuff Productions

Arizona day 4: Bisbee and Karchner Caverns.

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Tuesday May 22, 2012

Day 4 began saying “bye” to Homer, who, unfortunately, is not a trust fund baby like M. Romney and had to return to work. We enjoyed watching his wildlife menagerie in the yard early….the sound of these hundreds of birds was wild! I wondered what his neighbors thought, but I guess they’re enjoying it too…. Homer’s given us a to-do- list of things to see.

Doesn’t look like much of a scenic trip…….yet…….

We’re heading south nearly to the border today. On the way Karchner Caverns and then Bisbee, AZ, the old open pit mining town. We were destined to see a result of Gov. Jan Brewer’s new immigration laws (chase the brown out)….along I-10 heading south….at a point a sharp/narrow hillside flanked I-10 northbound so much NO car could possibly escape or turn around, Border Patrol trucks lined the freeway, stopping everything on I-10 for MILES. I suppose the cost of possibly finding ONE illegal for this scale of operation must be way beyond any reasonable justification for staging the production.

Oh well, on to Karchner Caverns. **A short video on that park link has some nice views** PICS were NOT allowed, the caverns were discovered barely in 1967 by pair of cavers who slipped through a tiny sinkhole….to find these extraordinary caverns on privately owned ranch land. They left, kept it quiet 7 years, approached the family who wanted them saved, and NOW: it’s a state park with a beautiful tour inside:


And on to BISBEE, AZ (all images)… old pit mine town that enjoyed all an old mine town ALWAYS offered …..lawlessness, prostitution, ministers, booze, hard work, probably a shorter life span, but high livin’ is you had the energy for it after days in the mines.

Today, Bisbee’s ALL GALLERY’s, restaurants, and bars…..made for the tourist. But there’s PLENTY of artists who have been using up the old rusty memorabilia to make fun stuff:


Flying Saucers, eh? Well, they’re not far from NM……

There were a few scenic street scenes like this one………’s a pretty place:

The sadness of a mountain GONE and a contaminated pit left behind:

Part of OLD Bisbee is on the far side of this pic:

After taking a deep mine tour into the hillside for another 60 minutes, and it WAS fun with the 90 yr old retired miner from that early time, we returned to Tuscon…….where Homer took us up on the hill behind his house where we enjoyed a beautiful view of Tucson at night……if you appreciate R’s lyrical shot:

And by next morning, day 5, we’re enroute to another thrilling desert spot: The Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum.

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