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Garden Diary begins: 2011. A RAINY spring here | Scuff Productions

Garden Diary begins: 2011. A RAINY spring here

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Monday June 6, 2011

Dear Diary:
**you might notice, this entry is 3 weeks later than when “things” happened………..been busy here.

MAY 12! We arrived home exhausted with a trailer to unload in light rain. But, we got in early, got everything done, returned the trailer, picked up a happy MAC, came home and enjoyed a quiet evening of NOTHING.

It dried out enough that Mark DID pull out garden equipment, gassed it up, got it all running, and did a major roto-till on the veg garden space after adding compost, peat, and manure to the already heavy layer of last fall’s leaves & grass……. The BIG Tiller did the major turning over in about an hour, but the soil was so wet, it began to compress things. I got the light-weight tiller and went over everything again, leaving a light fluffy layer of soil ready to go. Then, I got out the shovel, dug out some rows (that finished my energy level for the day), and after letting things “set” for a few days, went to our fabulous grower’s place, Michael & Missy Stucki’s Millenium Farms for this years Hopeful crop of Stupice, Sun Gold & Celebrity Tomatoes! 3 Serrano peppers, 3 Habaneros, some squash, canteloupe, thyme, etc, completed the purchase….. It’s always good to see them, he insisted after we’re all planted, he’s all finished with the greenhouses, we meet for lunch! Fabulous.

Back home, those plants were set out to “harden” up to our climate and elevation. By may 19-20, the tomatoes / peppers were planted laboriously in the garden (on this size of tomato, one strips off leaves/etc from the stems up about halfway….plants all the roots/stripped stem sideways into the garden with the growth sticking up straight….ALL this will grow roots)………. THEN out comes the Kozy-Coats for them all….some of that job was completed the next two days.. . . . .. Whew! I have NEVER been so happy to have a job done. Since, I’ve started corn seeds in the cold frame. Rodger has a lot of hopefully gorgeous-later Teddy Bear Sunflowers planted . . . . the flowers will be set out this weekend, and the corn in about 3 weeks.

Since THEN? rain has returned. Cooler than should be temps. A sad cold summer like last year? We will wait and watch………

I’ve conveniently forgotten about the work to get things set up, and about what else comes with SPRING in the NW…..the MOLE babies have been booted and are spreading INTO the lawn…… I’m hesitating to use pesticide since the robins are IN the lawn eating the same worms the moles eat. If I poison the worm, I will likely kill a robin….. can’t do that. I set a trap LAST night, it was sprung, but the mole missed it. Damn.

The band-tail pigeons are back…….crowding a feeder with their big clumsy selves…….I laught at ’em a little, but they can be annoying and empty feeders in 15 minutes.

The BIG reward though has been the arrival of what seems to be more Hummingbirds than EVER! For 9 days now, they’ve been eating: 2 1/2 quarts of sugar/water daily. I know some of that is due to cold/wet weather, but it also has allowed me to know they’re HERE…..and I’m happy to know it. As I type this, there are four on the feeder 4 feet away……. cool.

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