So Cal Trip. Mission Inn at Riverside

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Thursday March 10, 2011
Another great adventure while in Riverside at Norm & Naomi's was a trip into old-town where several old places have all been renovated and are enjoying new life. The MISSION INN is probably the high spot for Riverside, a city I have really been rather unfamiliar with although Norm's lived there for years. The movie Gone With the Wind had its world premiere in this a theater just now restored and open to many art events. The University California at Riverside is one of the LARGEST universities in the state and is on a beautiful campus. Students come here from round the world. I had no idea. You tour through this grand hotel under the impression it was one of the old missions, but actually, it began life as just a "guesthouse" in 1876...... Presidents have stayed there, it was a getaway for the wealthy years ago...... I hope these few pictures only ensure you'll try to visit it if you just take that little exit off of I15 to see it. The entrance is inviting: ****** . . . Or just another view: . . . Then you're in a lobby that doesn't seem to be pompous...... but once you pass through there, you see how the place would be inviting . . . . . . ****** . . . And moving on.......... . . . . . . **** . . . **** . . And moving on.......... . . **truly, it looked like an OLD mission........ . . . . ***** . . NICE architecture whimsy............. . . . . ***** . . . I think by now, you can see how this place has gotten patched onto and onto for 100 years................but it's sure got charm. . . I was surprised to see an early art window done about me.....obviously I was a little younger when I was playing here 100 years ago, eh? Oh well, it was a great visit followed by some fabulous food.............. Don't miss having breakfast or lunch at SIMPLE SIMON'S across the street from this Inn. Ah. Vacation.

2 responses to “So Cal Trip. Mission Inn at Riverside”

  1. Urspo says:

    You always take such lovely photos !

    ****MUST confess….Rodger took most of these…..HE is the on who KNOWS the camera much better than I, plus has a good sense of composition. BUT…he says…big THANKS!!! / mark

  2. Will says:

    Wonderful building! A proper mix of styles for Spanish architecture — even has a proper Moorish loggia topping one of its sections.

    I almost went to Riverside for grad school — how astonishingly different my life would have been if THAT had happened! — but Brandeis offered me more money and a living stipend so I chose it.

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