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Is this Indian Summer? | Scuff Productions

Is this Indian Summer?

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Tuesday September 28, 2010

IT has magically become a fabulous week of 78-80 degree sunny days here, and nights staying above 60. Maybe giving us time to accept that time’s are a’ changin’, actually.

**We have already lost two hours of sunlight per day since June, so it doesn’t matter these warm days, the tomato plants are BLACK as are most of the fruit. I cleaned out 5 plastic kitchen bags worth of ‘maters off the ground (IN OUR climate, you can’t leave them in that damp soil over winter…it’ll give ya blight and mold in spring.). I couldn’t believe how many tomatoes we lost to this summer! (And there are STILL 3 plants to clean up)

**I’m out in the yard, 3:00 pm, it’s about 78-80, enjoying that VERY WARM sun on me…next thing I know, there’s a huge flock of Canada Geese flying just over me in perfect “V’s”…….heading SOUTH! DID they hear about La Nina coming? I KNOW their migration pattern begins in October, and that’s soon yes, but that’s not today!!

**WE had a Roast TURKEY Dinner (with ALL the trimmings) at Portland’s historic “HUBER’s“…..ahead of going to the BIG DRAG Charity Event at the Newmark Theater. It’s an interesting OLD FEELING in that place….all the OLD Woodwork, etc. Opened in 1879, Mr. Huber gave any customer a free turkey sandwich & coleslaw IF they simply bought a drink….He died in 1911, and since…..It’s been owned and managed by the same Chinese Family for about 100 years….

**Peacock After Dark at the Newmark! Hosted by Poison Waters…….she never stopped talking even at the end….The audience was half gone by the time she caught on the show was over:

Thomas & Brenda joined us for a nice fund raiser here…proceeds go to Gay Kids from troubled families….nice! They had hundreds of people in the many groups and I learned that there are a LOT more people interested in Drag here than I thought. **Maybe, most of the audience were relatives of performers?

**The little Anna’s hummingbirds are Sticking around AGAIN! We’ve only 2 little feeders left now, and they both get regular diners! Most cool.

We’re now expecting company this weekend and can’t wait. Weather should be good, and we’re hoping we can figure out something to show the Upper Crust visiting from New Hampshire!

2 responses to “Is this Indian Summer?”

  1. Cousin Nancy says:

    Is this a bad time to mention that I picked six ripe tomatoes today? I guess the elevation difference gives me more time. Nan

    • mark says:

      I don’t know if it’s elevation or………. I thought it was the “less daylight hours” . . . .but that wouldn’t be elevation. Shade? I AM jealous though.. . . .what have I done? CLEANED ’em all out! Used a SHOVEL to get the piles of green/black ‘matoes off the ground so they won’t rot the ground over winter. Yes, you and I had very different days! Hah.

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