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Garden Update September | Scuff Productions

Garden Update September

Bloged in Fall by mark Wednesday September 8, 2010

**I have always tried to keep a little record of what happened in the garden….on these updates so I can look back year to year and get a feel for what THAT time was like.

THIS year was a discouraging year for gardeners. Right now, we must 100 ears of corn that I don’t think will fill out and sweeten (no heat). They’re all pollinated….but sitting there with those little black bugs beginning to appear in the damp….oh well.

AS ALWAYS, for OUR elevation/climate, the Russian STUPICE tomatoes are the ONE tomato we’re finally eating….and I Do mean eating. I know I’ve had about a dozen of them simply salted and sliced today…. Two weeks ago, I didn’t think we’d see THIS many for the whole season:

And MORE are ripening…………….(stupice, that is. ALL other varieties are solid green).

TONIGHT I had breaded/fried baby crooknecks…. just like Grandma used to give us.

I got caught up on some record keeping……we’re still way behind 2008’s record, but so far, we’ve put up 280 jars of “stuff”. . . . all that’s left will be a few more tomatillo salsa batches, so we’re close to being finished. I think that’s okay considering the summer we just finished. Some are waiting in the garage to be stored away:

**Except for the Fresca, of course.

We’re onto a new project now…..Rodger has wanted to make use of those big orchard crates we acquired when we bought all that pear wood last year…….well, here’s what they’re beginning to look like:

Any idea what the heck these are gonna be doing soon?

WE DID HAVE some fun last weekend……….on Sunday, we met Tony, an Orange County blogger at the Eagle. He’d come up here on a romantic pursuit, so we joined them for a short chat. WE have NOT been fans of the crowd there, and weren’t that night. It may seem idiotic, but we seemed out to prove that the problem wasn’t “US” . . . .we ended up stopping at 5 other joints before getting home at 2400. We DID have fun EVERYWHERE except the Eagle. Dinner at one, Miechi’s Potstickers at another, and grand chat everywhere….. Except as noted.

Oh well………… to tennis. Robin and/or Rodger are about to be eliminated…………. (Yikes, I’m completely OUT of Berry Ice Creams….I’m having withdrawals).

4 responses to “Garden Update September”

  1. DougT says:

    Your toms look gorgeous- an accomplishment in a difficult year. What variety are the cherry tomatoes? Leon is growing a variety called moonglow that looks a bot like them.

  2. Scott says:

    Those tomatoes look wonderful!

  3. Cousin Nancy says:

    I am so jealous. I have picked and eaten four tomatoes and not one was all that good. Stupice next year!

    **NANCY: DO REMEMBER that MOST years, YOUR fertile bottom soil yields hundreds more than our little spot up here…..THOSE are years I’m the one with envy. . . . . . . . / mark

  4. Urspo says:

    I used to grow stupice; lovely toms !

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