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new squirrel food

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Thursday September 24, 2009

I have shown a picture of the teddy bear sunflower in the house. The plants themselves are producing dozens of blossoms……I grow more impressed with them as days go by. Here’s ONE plant in the garden AFTER trimming off several for ourselves and neighbors:
Individually, they’re showstoppers:

Some of the giant sunflowers are beginning to “cure”, and since one got broken in the wind last w/e, I cut that drying bloom off and placed it on the squirrel feeder yesterday. Today it’s gone:
A few other giant blooms out there have already been discovered “on the plant”, and are being devoured…..NICE fun end we get to watch with these gorgeous FALL bloomers.

I had ONE last dark dahlia I love:
And Rodger’s deck plants have survived heat, summer, and still lookin’ nice:

Poor Rodger has had to do some yard “extra” projects while waiting for my knee recovery…..He’s beginning a beautiful stacking job in the woodshed:
Obviously, lots-o-wood to move yet…………..
And he took up re-roofing the old shed since we have enough “kindling” of the pear wood to need extra space. Somehow, these projects become more than planned over time…..So far, 2 trips to Lowe’s, and 3-4 nights to get done. BUT, it’s going to give us extra storage for winter. Rodger’s exhausted at night:

4 responses to “new squirrel food”

  1. Gavin says:

    Love the sunflowers.

    I made up a batch of your suet and the first downy woodpecker visited today. I pumped up the amount of peanut butter and the chickadees are having a grand time, too. New feeders, made to be squirrel proof, have proved a big hit with the nuthatches that can now hang upside down to get their sunflower seeds.

    I sympathize with Rodger. I know going into any project that it’s going to be way more complicated than my plan. A month ago, an intermittent problem with the toilet flush, went from replacing the innards of the tank, to replacing all the bolts, to a new toilet altogether. My $10 half hour project became a $150 two day ordeal!

  2. Urspo says:

    I used to grow these sort of flowers. I miss sunflowers, some of my favorite!

  3. Scott says:

    The flowers look gorgeous. What a handy man Rodger is to have around!

  4. rodger says:

    It wasn’t that bad! 3 nights after work, two hours each night. That’s quick for a roofing job and the extra materials needed (most were here when we moved in 14 years ago) only cost about $90. A bargain!

    But yes…I’m tired now and sitting at this symposium isn’t helping. Tonight I rest.

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