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Garden Battle begins Anew | Scuff Productions

Garden Battle begins Anew

Bloged in garden by mark Thursday August 17, 2006

The Garden Battle will begin anew tomorrow morning. The subterranean Moles do NOT know that Mr. Mark did NOT die of his cold as they expected under their own medical rules of survival, and are NOT aware that he has decided that TOMORROW morning (despite the head cold symptoms) he will inject Sulphur Gas mini-bombs into their tunnels that are NOW eating away under the currently fabulous Tomato Plants.

Thankfully, they do not know that he’s aware of their behavior enough to know they “may” just move over a foot in that solid dirt and begin anew. Once “gassed” they desert the immediate tunnels for about three weeks. That’s all Uncle Mark will need to finish harvesting whatever plants are finally ripening so grandly despite the war below.

But the entire war surface isn’t even. Since the Moles were “gassed” weeks ago, the corn plants have grown to 9 feet tall and begun to spread pollen from tassel tops onto prissy little corn silks spreading richly from green leafy ear beginnings at the base of a leaf. One always worries that there are so many long slender leaves up the corn stalk, they cover some of these silks, and we don’t want to discourage that proud tiny pollen dust from doing the one thrilling thing it fell off that tassel to do, do we ?

Once again, Mark & Rodger won’t let them simply risk their one task as a failure. We’re at 1100 feet elevation and our “corn” specific patch is only 6 x 7 wide. YES! We become enmeshed in polllination in that we shake up the stalks of corn in those three rows……….. and hope for the best. No, we don’t pray to the Witch of the West when we’re done.


Do NOT forget………………… this very moment when we are absolutely interrupting nature, SOME or our plantings are producing amazing results. Our crookneck squash plant has given us enough produce to have it saved in the fridge (and it’s just beginning). Our Cucumber slicers are stored in the fridge awaiting the “Cucumber Yogurt Soup Recipe”. Our lettuces and herbs are being used almost daily and have been for a while. BASIL. …………….WE have TOO much BASIL that’s been tended to do for two years, and … WE WILL NOT do this again………….. Freeeeeeezing Pesto simply means that a year later (when more beautiful Basil is growing) that old pesto is is STILL sittting in your freezer one year old……………

There is some kind of summer squash out there we picked up somewhere and lost the tag. Yep, this is one of those wandering giant squash plants that trys to bury everything. Some of the stalks are growing up and around the fence. However, we don’t have anything bigger than a marble (fruit) to guess what kind of thing this is…… This is wait and see.

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