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Pruning. 3/4 done. And I can't wait to file taxes | Scuff Productions

Pruning. 3/4 done. And I can’t wait to file taxes

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Friday January 16, 2009

What a January! It is one of the rare winters that it is staying sunny and dry. These apples are what I’ve been working on. See all the stringers going straight up….and lots of little nibs, lots of branches crossing each other, all has to be thinned and cleaned up:
prune these
I have nearly finished cleanup of the apple trees:
and then some tall shrubs like the Butterfly Bushes and Elderberries, so just have the Ornamental Cherries to clean up! Yeah! NOW, before rain returns….it’s not forecast yet, I can spray the apples with a dormant spray EASILY in THIS weather. I always used to hate this task in January: soggy, damp………. NOT this year.

Always an encouraging tiny sign that life WILL return someday……new chives are up:

AND another BIT of good news. I have done a first run through of taxes, YES! DUG out ALL paperwork, got it in my head, entered numbers, and it looks like we’ll have a return this year….will it even everything out and get us started saving for Italy in June? I HOPE so.

Okay. Back to the yard. I just put whole wheat bread in the oven…………yum tonight.

3 responses to “Pruning. 3/4 done. And I can’t wait to file taxes”

  1. DougT says:

    We’ll be seeing the first signs of spring in 8-10 weeks. Manwhile, Florida is in 11 days.

  2. Cousin Nancy M says:

    You almost inspire me to clean up this mess that used to be a yard. If it weren’t for that good book I just started . . .

  3. Urspo says:

    i miss the first signs of spring. Nothing really dies/goes to sleep here, so there is no spring delirium of life returning. no fun in that.

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