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Christmas Preps can Begin! | Scuff Productions

Christmas Preps can Begin!

Bloged in General Home Life,Scuff Boys by mark Wednesday December 10, 2008

I STILL can’t say ENOUGH about Robin Williams unleashed on an excited liberal Portland crowd! He was wild, non-stop, fabulous……see the earlier post. But if I see someone live and 4 days later I’m still laughing about it, that’s a good thing.
= = = = = =

WE stayed up late Friday and Saturday nights to get the tree done. From the bottom………
And, of course, Mr. Ken remains our treetop inspiration:
I don’t know why I store the bears away all year, but love them out at Christmas:
These guys are stored too, but can SING …..and we like singing during this season:
This guy does “Let it Snow”:
***note: that may not be so CUTE in Chicago right now, eh Doug? 16 degrees cold and 8″ of snow! Whew! WE have a snow forecast for next weekend……excitement will grow all week if that stays true.

BAIRD claims the fallen leaves were bigger than ever this year what with our extended dry fall:
And remember those Fatali Habaneros drying for 6 days? The two whole trays were reduced to this, and will be enough to last at least two seasons of cooking some warm food:

NOW. The REAL preparations begin: preparing a jar of jam for the mailing, Christmas Cards, cooking FOOD, seeing friends, waiting for a visitor arriving via/Chimney in JUST a bit over 2 weeks……………….

**I JUST saw two different Anna’s feeding as I wrote this. I’m STILL astounded we have them staying up here in December. Our little flying squirrels have been out two nights in a row……….warms your heart doesn’t it?

I HOPE all our friends and family have Christmas excitement wending its way to you……………..

4 responses to “Christmas Preps can Begin!”

  1. Bill Hawley says:

    I’m loving the singing goose.

  2. Urspo says:

    we are down to 43 degrees – brrrrrr
    We too have a trunkload of stuffed animals that come out for Christmas. I like the bears the best, go figure.

  3. Tony says:

    We had temps in the teens yesterday. Tomorrow it’s suppose to get up to 60! The weather here in Boston is just crazy.

    However, it looks like you and Roger are ready for the holidays. The tree is beautiful and I love your Xmas Ken.

  4. DougT says:

    16° is warm. Yesterday morning it was 8° out. Tonight it’s sleety rain. A bunch of heavy, wet snow is predicted for tomorrow afternoon and evening. Can’t this stuff ever avoid rush hour?

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