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Mormon Hypocrisy on Prop 8 | Scuff Productions

Mormon Hypocrisy on Prop 8

Bloged in ex-Mormon,Mormons,Political,Religion by mark Thursday November 6, 2008

Why am I not surprised?

NOW that Mormons, Catholics, Pentacostals have brought about discrimination and disdain towards gays by telling them they can’t marry (and I AM reminded of the not so distant time Blacks could not marry Whites)……….. they have released a News bit yesterday:

Elder Clayton, a big guy in the “Council of Seventies” has asked all Church members for civility, love, kindness to be restored …………….. How Hypocritical! They created a division in their own religion for those families who have Gay kids, and in places, a crisis of faith. They have even caused in-fighting within the Church let alone the cost of fighting this civil right all over again to the taxpayers in the future.

No MATTER they embraced the outright lies, fear-mongering that the Pro-8 ads engendered among the uneducated or born-agains, NOW they want to act like they are an “innocent” participant in an election process that will bring a rise in hate crimes toward us among other things.

One MUST REMEMBER that MARRIAGE did NOT BEGIN as a religious ritual. IT WAS a civil affair.

Oh well. Religion once again shows its true colors. We love ya, Brother, as long as you are just like us. Why don’t they just put on the White sheets like the boys of old so we can tell who they are while they’re walking down the street.

At LEAST Oregon finally got rid of the hypocrital bigot Mormon Gordon Smith out of the Senate. He coneded this morning to the Democratic Challenger. Yeah!

3 responses to “Mormon Hypocrisy on Prop 8”

  1. robin andrea says:

    There are already challenges to the new law in California, and I for one, will be delighted to see the court slam the bigots as hard as they can be slammed.

  2. Tony says:

    Marriage is still a civil affair. You can get married as much as you want in a church, but if you don’t have a marriage license from the state, it is not legally binding.

    It it time for us to take the marriage out of marriage. Everyone, gay or straight, should be required to have a civil union that is sanctioned by the state, providing all the benefits and rights of what we now call marriage. After words they can let their shamen perform whatever superstitious rituals their religion requires, but marriage should be treated like what it is. A matter of state. Both the Mormons and the Catholics should lose their tax exempt status in that I think they have clearly violated the separation of church and state.

  3. Rain says:

    Yes, Tuesday was a day of joy on one hand and disappointment on the other. I just hope it’s changing as evidently the numbers were much closer in California. People can learn and change. There can be fairness. We have seen it change in our lifetime. We just have farther to go

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