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We're Invited to Lake O | Scuff Productions

We’re Invited to Lake O

Bloged in General Home Life,Scuff Boys by mark Sunday May 21, 2006

We were lucky enough to be included in a little dinner event at Nancy’s tonight in Lake O. Nancy’s Mom, Dee came down to visit, and a few lucky folk got to enjoy a fabulous evening of dinner and chat:

As always, it’s feast for the eyes to see Nancy’s entire property, completely groomed as though Nature WAS perfect. Plants sited and growing as if Nancy didn’t spend hours making them beautiful. This is just the “side yard” . . . adjoining her kitchen:

Her sense of color, balance, artistic composition of natural boundaries are fantastic.

Carol, next to Mark in the pic, is an artist in her own right. Her entire garden is contained in pottery consisting of some hundreds of pots, and EVERY pot EVERY year gets individual attention in splitting, balancing, placement, watering, etc etc etc. Carol teaches art in her Caligraphy classes. Whew!

I DO find it strange that in MY own garden, this must come from growing up where the Farmer is only good IF his yield is good…..Mark thinks only in function terms, i.e., what do I have to do to get the most product for my space. NO beauty. SO the expression of such beauty in these friends garden spaces is truly overwhelming.

Sandy, next to Rodger, has a heart of gold, and a complete library of Medical knowledge accompanying her years in nursing, sometimes to the point of helping a son get through the scare of stage three hodgkins cancer. Rosemary is living the thrills of a kitchen remodel, and we got to compare a lot of notes with her about that.

Nancy’s Mom, Dee, is from Seattle and we got to hear the tales of her Dad’s Psychic experiences, discuss her gardening talents, and feel the love she gives so richly. She says she’s not sure where Nancy gets lots of her talent, but Dee, living in MORE damp grey day town than ours, can grow vegetables before we think of planting somehow. She says it’s just a “siting” issue, but I don’t think that’s all there is to it after gardening here for 10 years.

Oh well…… was a fabulous evening with artistic, beautifully pure, loving friends.

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