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Breads and Commitment | Scuff Productions

Breads and Commitment

Bloged in food: recipes + dining out,General Home Life,Scuff Boys by mark Monday March 27, 2006

On Breads: We sure played around this weekend with breadmaking experiments and sourdough. Mark had a beautifully pliable wonderfully kneadable fun dough that became two beautifully risen round loaves!

The REAL Result? Taste was okay, but they were so dense they couldn’t be used.

RODGER found himself once again on the Ciabatta path. After making a Professional competition quality pair of Ciabatta loaves last weekend, he was inspired to take a bit of the sourdough starter that was alive and ready to use and see what kind of ciabatta THAT would make. The dough was muddy, wet as ciabatta usually is, but the second day, it just didn’t rise as it should. Even in the oven it didn’t high enough to make it out of the brick stage. Taste? Good, but far too dense to save.

SO. Are we making progress on cooking or not? YES, because this time, we actually tried to experiment and had some real fun. We KNOW the loaves now that we can make that work, so why not branch out?

On Commitment. Rodger’s Wellbutrin is in house, and mine ordered for pick up tomorrow. We begin the 2nd round of cessation on smoking probably this weekend AND renew the commitment to lose the 8-10 pounds we’ve gained back in the last year after baking so much. SO. We’ll have an exciting spring no matter what else happens. No arguing, thought, right?

Hummingbirds………….have already emptied the first feeder I put out ! Hurray.

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  1. emaleejayne says:

    That bread LOOKS great!

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