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Afraid of Liberals? HIS conservatives are the ones to be afraid of. | Scuff Productions

Afraid of Liberals? HIS conservatives are the ones to be afraid of.

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Monday July 28, 2008

I am heartsick this morning to read the crazed out-of-work nutjob murdered people at the Unitarian Church (who supports gay causes) because they were a “LIBERAL” organization. He didn’t even KNOW anyone there. ……. NO ONE with a functioning brain could be blaming liberals on the sickening condition of our society today.

Give ALL YOUR blame to the complete failure and corruption of the conservatives that, ideally, could have done something, but rather are well on the way to complete decimation of the constitution, ANY human services. Their greed is so blatant and corrupt it sickens me.

The corporations are THRILLED to be moving jobs overseas and will continue to do so UNTIL the wages in THIS country match those in the 3rd world, only THEN, will they begin hiring destitute hungry workers here.

LIBERALS are all that hold the thread of any decency hope alive……………… It is NOT liberals screaming hate and vengeance in talk shows, it is the fabricating O’Reilly’s, Hannity’s, Mormon Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, James Dobsons, Hagees, etc etc etc etc. THAT is where their followers get their inspiration that the enemy is NOT within their own criminal ranks (can you say ROVE?), but in the halls where intellectual thought, spiritual growth, tolerance, hope, inclusiveness are taught. Where equality is embraced.

Don’t get me started…………….

ON A GOOD note, we believe we caught the master adult leader villain raccoon Saturday night. It has been MONTHS since were could leave food out in the big tray feeder at night in hopes of seeing our faithful family of flying squirrels who’ve been our little night visitors for years. I TRIED ONCE again placing seed in the feeder the very next night after believing we were free of Raccoon attacks.

WOW! There it was, even early in the evening about 9:30: a BEAUTIFUL lovely, Flying Squirrel came into the feeder and stayed and stayed…………… She looked so plump, we’re hoping she is expecting.
Hope springs eternal.

One response to “Afraid of Liberals? HIS conservatives are the ones to be afraid of.”

  1. Urspo says:

    the conservatives have done a very good job at taking control of the words we use; I give them credit. Now, ‘liberal’ is a very negative word.
    i don’t know how we can take back words gone ‘bad’ so we may have to come up with new ones and hold on to them.

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