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Mole Patrol, and MORE!

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Monday December 10, 2007

We were nearly killed or close to it on returning home last night. Two miles of our drive home involve climbing the 1000 feet up windy Germantown Road. At the bottom of the hill there are several ninety degree turns…the last, as you’re coming up, straightens out into about 600-800 ft of clear road. We entered that last 90 degree turn….seeing the glow of headlights coming…but as we came round, heard squealing of tires as this car coming straight INTO that curve going downhill realized he was coming WAY TOO fast in any weather, and last night it was snowing. I GRABBED our steering wheel and yanked right as far as I could go ( another 6 inches would be into a guard rail against a drop off….). The car coming at us began to spin out toward our car. We both yelled, KNOWING we were doomed…..but by sheer luck, and split second timing, our car curved out as he passed my side so close I was petrified. He continued spinning out, went across both lanes, and off into, luckily, a bit of a turn out on that curve. Otherwise, he’d have gone off the slope and been doomed. How many close calls can you call up and luck out! Whew.

So by the grace of Someone kind, we were able to get the tree 90% finished last night and wake to a cool morning.

But the REAL work paid off last night with the capture of yet ANOTHER MOLE who had staked a claim out under the side LAWN this time just about the time we began our big rain/windstorm last week, so I couldn’t do a lot except keep tamping down the rises. This had to the be fattest ugliest mole yet:
So here’s how I’ve learned to capture these evil monsters over the last few years:

1. IF they’re not IN the lawn, you can put down traps every time you spot a mound of dirt ….IF you feel like it’s an active hole and not just a tunnel he cleared passing through to somewhere more appealing. SO in that case, you probably need to watch for 2-3 days, tamping down the hills and then watching to see where he shows up. IT STILL creates a muddy eyesore:moledamage

2. IF they’re in the LAWN, you can’t just start digging up your lawn and putting in 5 traps blindly! You’ll have a mess and a torn up lawn. SO. You once again, watch…open up a channel where he’s pushed up dirt using your friendly little metal probe to pinpoint the tunnel. Drop a sulfur gas bomb in that tunnel, and the mole will stay clear of that tunnel for 2-3 weeks. SO by doing this, you’ve narrowed his range, which usually runs about 20×20 or 30 feet in size. Once you’ve dropped 2-3 gassers over a period of 2-3 days, you hopefully have him at the edge of his tunnel range, and on the edge of the lawn where you can set a trap:moletrp
And voila! About midnight, he was finito!
Our Halloween Pumpkins have finally begun their second duty. Feeding Raccoons:

Mac lucked out again because we made Tomato Dog Treats, Thanks Purple Twinkie:
Mac Like:
I have Starbucks Coffee Grounds to spread. THIS time of year, not many people are collecting them. This was from ONE stop at ONE store this weekend:
But the BEST? After not having seen one for a while, I’d put out some seed about 11:00 pm thursday, and just in a little bit, Rocky the Flying Squirrel paid a visit….NO, not a NEW pic, but one of our own pics from last year (it was too damp to get a new one):

Back to work. I must NOW begin organizing the shipping schedule for cards and packages…….It’s that TIME of the season, isn’t it?

Merry Merry……….I know it wasn’t much of a holiday post, but we still alive, the dog’s happy, and we GOT a MOLE! I’m always thankful for small favors.

4 responses to “Mole Patrol, and MORE!”

  1. Urspo says:

    oooh that was a good/bad one!

  2. Tony says:

    No moles but lot of voles. I will be surprised if I get any spring bulbs coming up this year. They are predicting a lot of snow and the little bastards just tunnel around and eat everything.

    I’ll take a couple of bags of coffee grounds, without the moles thanks.

  3. robin andrea says:

    We have lots of moles on our property in Port Townsend. They do wreck havoc on the lawn (such that it is), but they don’t seem to bother with our garden, so we let them be. We always had a bad time with gophers, though. We have definitely trapped our share of those pests.

    Your close encounter with the out of control driver sounds very scary. Glad to read that everything worked out. Yikes.

  4. Urspo says:

    yikes you two never stop moving!
    moles look rather sweet in a way but then again i am not dealing their dastardly deeds.
    dare i put two and two together that your shipping of packages will contain moles or starbuck grounds???

    Ur-Spo: HEY! JUST last night, we WERE trying to figure just WHAT we could do next year wondering if family was getting tired of the regular stuff we’d always made. Thanks So much. I’ll begin composting Mole remains combined with Starbucks grounds. What will we CALL IT? “Grounds with molling spices?” Hey………………….hm…………..

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