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life ain’t easy

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Friday April 22, 2005

My cousins’ husband Warden is having a hard time here in a local hospital after severe brain surgery to remove a lot of mass out of a brain tumor………..a diagnose they’ve only known about for 3 weeks or so, a diagnosis that should have been seen 6 months ago when an MRI was done prior to having nasal surgery. He’s alert now but suffering the side effects of having someone rake around in your brain suffering weakness on one side, short term memory connection losses, etc. I feel terrible for the family suffering together. He’s in ICU, so no one is encouraged to visit….since only the family can see him anyway.

Another old friend now living in Texas has just gotten his own diagnosis about having a brain tumor and will be having surgery next month, and, luckily, in this case, it sounds like things will be MUCH better, but still, anytime you face this kind of surgery, you DO pray.

These two guys are younger than I am ! ! !

Neighbor Baird must have a bad case of FLU….his fever’s at 102 and he’s sleeping a lot.

Our own dear Mail Carrier, Cherie, has been injured in an auto accident and will be off work a while. Whew.

AND LAST but NOT LEAST…………..this one’s right here at home. Our Tucker seems to be giving up a little bit. He’s so weak he’s wobbling to walk, and it’s tough to get him to get up at all. Today he had to sit to finish eating his breakfast. The time is soon.

Life ain’t always smooth……………..Nature can humble all of us most of the time just by a simple turn of the dial.

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