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berries yesterday and today

Bloged in General Home Life,Nature,Scuff Boys by mark Friday March 18, 2005

Here were the berries yesterday afternoon:

Here are the berries at 2:00 pm Friday, March 18, 2005:

Here is the meadow at 2:00 pm Friday:

There is no question I’m a little depressed. . . . . This marks a huge change for everything about our place.
For obvious reasons, we haven’t seen a towhee, chipmunk or squirrel since 2:00 pm.

Ed plans a house on that lot who’s back side will face ut at a little angle, so I assume we’ll see his garage and woodshed, etc…………..Ed will give himself a constructed house with the best view towards him, of course. I don’t have any one tiny good happy note about this destruction except the free firewood, and that means nothing compared to what’s lost here.

Ed’s being kind in his own way….i.e., giving us all the wood we want (that helps HIM of course because what WE carry out, his hired hand doesn’t get paid to). I’m sore NOW and we are now stacking/splitting wood for winter 2006.

One response to “berries yesterday and today”

  1. Kevin says:

    Sorry guys!

    That’s absolutely horrifying. Especially since that area was so important to the wildlife in your area. Too bad your neighbor is so far out of touch with reality that he’ll sell his soul to make a buck.

    If anything good can come from this, maybe it’s that you’ll get environmentalists as neighbors.


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