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Blog Move Complete

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Tuesday October 23, 2007

Well, I’ve learned a lot in the last few days. I didn’t think I could MOVE a blog, but ended up with a little encouragement from Peter M and a few calls to the web hosting service, I got things over to our domain. THEN I had to cleanup the little off points like renaming, updating folders, etc.

1) Upgrade Word Press to latest version and re-tweak everything to get into shape.
2) Begin polishing up a web entry page.
3) Maybe by then Rodger will move his blog over to our place.

Ah. NOW. Onto the REAL chores. WE HAVE INDIAN SUMMER FINALLY! ! ! ! ! That last bit of cool but dry fall weather we NEED to get prepped for winter and THIS fall we really needed it to get our wood moved.

Yesterday was that day, and I’ve moved almost ALL of it (pic later) !! Today? Get parts for tuning up the riding mower and getting it running again (battery died)….so I can get leaves picked up with that machine and spread ’em on garden spaces.

No rest. I was just proud I got the blog and pics all completed.

3 responses to “Blog Move Complete”

  1. lynette says:

    big doings, moving something like this. the technology would baffle me and i’d just start over elsewhere.

    winter’s on the horizon and y’all are battening (what? is that a word??) down the hatches. i love your life! i said that, but really, i love your life!!

  2. robin andrea says:

    It’s quite a lot of work moving a blog to a new site. You did a great job of it. We had a beautiful day of Indian summer yesterday, and this morning couldn’t be more opposite. It’s grayer and darker than I’ve seen in a while. I guess it’s a little northwest send-off for us, just in case we hesitated for one moment about spending the next three months in Santa Cruz. It’s hard to leave our garden (we planted garlic on Monday), there’s still lettuce, spinach, beets, and carrots. Maybe the bunnies will have a feast.

  3. tater says:

    Nice to see you are getting this whole blog site move into the “out box”, and I look forward to more entries. Let me know if you all need some help moving your wood (tee hee). Couldn’t resist, seeing as how you left the door wide open on that one.

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