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The first Piano Practice | Scuff Productions

The first Piano Practice

Bloged in General Home Life,Scuff Boys by mark Wednesday January 19, 2005

I motored to Valley Presbyterian Church this morning for my first encounter with the Bosendorfer. Liz greeted me in the office and went with me to the sanctuary with the Key to what turned out to about a 10 foot Steinway (woops….bad info somewhere) sitting at the front of the sanctuary but turned with the opening toward the seats. The action is VERY stiff and will require more muscle toning for the fingers, BUT….the sound is very nice and the instrument well built enough that the player has great control over the dynamics and sound. I enjoyed the practice a lot and will go again while I can. The Mysterious Organ that NO one is allowed to even peek at turns out to be top of the line Rodger’s Church Organ and perhaps that’s why Ms. Darlene (the hired union organist) won’t let anyone touch it, she’s probably afraid they’ll mess up her MANY Preset stops. I’d only been playing about 5 minutes when the newly hired Janitor walked in wanting to match the key I had with his but that began a long chat about his tough times that last year or so…..luckily LIZ came down with a call from Rodger so the Janitor finally left and I got back to work. The Rodger Call? I got to join he, Janice, and Kris for lunch at Vista Springs Cafe up near the Council Crest area, a local favorite. SO. I had a good day. Even had the dog in the back so we stopped a few times on the way back for some running and play. He NO longer seems to get sick when traveling and is enjoying the mysterious event of jumping into the back and getting out of the car somewhere completely different for no comprensible reason. Oh well. I’ll still practice a lot more.

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