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Corbett Fish House – The Best. | Scuff Productions

Corbett Fish House – The Best.

Bloged in General Home Life,Portland by mark Monday October 18, 2004

Dining Fun at the Local Fish Diner…..a FUN diversion.

Mark has always been a fan of some seafood. He thinks it grew out of doing a lot of stream fishing in SE Oregon with his brothers, getting to eat that fresh native trout at day’s end, and learning years later that his Mom had known exactly how to cook fish. She knew how all the details from fish preparation, the importance of the cooking medium, to making sure the fish are not overcooked. She was a fabulous cook anyway, so I didn’t know at the time how delicate a task is that of preparing fish.

Many places even here in the Northwest where fish is a common menu item turn out dried, oily or badly over-breaded seafood, so it’s a BIG treat to find a little “joint” that turns out a great product in the most casual of little places and then has a charming café feel to boot.

Nancy and Carol joined us for lunch at the Corbett Fish House (on Corbett not far from where the new Tram will be built) Sunday at 12:00 PM. It is in the building where the big Healthy-Food Grocer Chain, “Natures” got its start and is now owned and run by a couple from the Mid-west. He grew up in Green Bay, she in Northern Minnesota where fish fries are a regular thing to do. So yes, most (not all) of the Fish is fried but in as light a manner as possible (read the “about us” on the link below). They ship some of the fish from the Great Lakes that we don’t see here: Walleye and Perch. Even the breading is made from a Rice Flour so is as light as breading can be. We tried appetizers, salads and main dishes and EVERYTHING was excellent……except the Wasabe Cole Slaw—skip that one.

The four of us sat down in one far corner to see lots of Green Bay Packer Fans get excited as their team proceeded to win their game big time. Every touchdown brought on the big cheers and Carol, not being the sports fan as a “few” Green Bay fans were, got a kick out of this. Midwesterners are customarily very friendly and that was the case here.

The funny thing was, amidst all the Football hoopla, the four of us were talking about art and Carol’s grandson, “Sam” (pictures too of course) so didn’t have any cheeseheads at our table. We saw Carol’s new raised Gold Lettering with art sketching (Mark’s BAD description) that is gorgeous plus Nancy’s new imaginative use of the Light-weight Concrete used to make Cement Leaves now cast from an old classic Theater mask complete with glow-in-the-dark paint on the eyes and mouth. Plus, she’s learned to take simple mod-podge from the Craft Store and paint some leaves with it that makes them beautiful. Mark’s going to try

So we had a GREAT time, and came home to watch BOSTON beat NEW YORK in the ALCS playoffs in that unbelievable 5 hour game. The LINK to the restaurant page is here, please have a look, and when you’re ready to go, please call us, we want to go again. (HEY – Jason and Malissa – – – take us there and show us how to become a cheesehead!!!!! Yea!)

Here’s the URL to the website, OR………..just clink on the LINK in the Left Column of the page and it will take you there to check the Menus, etc:

By the way. Our varied thrushes are just now returning from Alaska for their winter stayover here in their view of a winter paradise.

Mark & Rodger.

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