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May, 2016 | Scuff Productions

Record Warm Spring: Gambled it’ll hold and began veggie starts VERY early

Bloged in garden,General Home Life by mark Monday May 23, 2016

Just for the record……’s been obvious this must be the warmest spring on record here….. the yard’s weeds / grass has been growing so fast it’s kept someone busy here with the trimmer/mower…..I’ve bagged so much grass, I’m running out of places to dump and compost it……….

It meant one OTHER thing too: The Vegetable Garden space was physically ‘dry’ enough to actually plant. In 20 years, we learned however, that there is OFTEN a dry spell early in May, so you plant. And then the rain returns for a month, and your plants ROT…..a 2nd planting isn’t fun! That being said………… our grower, Mr. Stucki at Millenium Farms was pushing us to plant….sending all this “El Nino” history and we weren’t paying much attention UNTIL……… he said he was finishing selling his vegetable starts 2 weeks earlier than normal…..and if we wanted some………….oh oh……..

SO……….this garden has been 2/3 planted since May 10.

On May 3, we planted a giant tomato plant we’d luckily found at the annual Master Gardener’s Plant Sale in Canby, yep, the King of Cherry Tomatoes: a Sungold Variety….it was too big to even put a kozy Coat around it….but we gambled anyway…..along with all the deck starts for Rodger, and just the FUN DAY that this LARGEST of NW Plant Sales can be……… THIS plant, now 20 days later is taking off (smile)….but was already pretty big on day 1, eh?

***this plant now is over the top of the cage!!!! smile.

Yes, on May 10th we took off for Millenium Farms where we chatted with Michael and Missy for over an hour, and HAD to simply get all the plants bought and get home…..(they are terrific people)….. So on May 11th, evening, the garden space had a NEW look:


Whew. was I exhausted. By now, R has 2/3 of his deck pots planted. THEN? Of COURSE! The weather collapsed….rain/damp/gray/humidity, all the “rotting” effects of a rain forest were in the garden, and I took desperate measures in a grand experiment…..clear bags over the tomatoes:


Those bags have been on/off those plants 3 times depending on the weather, and I DO think it’s helped…..they are coming out of there today permanently. Must get a pic of how wonderfully everything looks out there.

WHAT AN EARLY START! Whew. NOW, must get going……we almost lost Mr. Mac to a Bacterial Infection… too sick so quick, we didn’t get him in soon enough to start the anti-biotic. So, after a struggle for 2 weeks forcing down medicine, helping him along, cleaning up the messes, he’s on the way back, and now…I take him down for a swim! Yea!

Let’s see if I post an update soon………….. hm.

feb thru april 2016

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Monday May 23, 2016

wow. seems this blog world is coming to a tortured ending, eh? I know it’s decision time before I reserve some more BLUE HOST server space in October whether to back it up and save the data, or………pay again and what? NO posts? I”m now 69. Not sure any one would be looking the old guy’s thoughts…….. the benefit I see is the “record” I have of past years work in this yard and gardening updates…….. Oh well……… I must think about this. SIGH. So few people are still recording posts about their lives. A little slice of lives I rather enjoy reading…… sure works to keep a friendship fresh when those people may live 2,000 miles away. sigh again.

one very interesting park note I love is seeing the coyotes regularly….there’s a small pack of 3 (I think it’s 3)…living below our house….they may appear anywhere along this bluff…..come along to see if any bird or squirrel has passed under the feeders, then head out toward NW Skyline to cross and head downhill from there. SAT NOTE: The 3-legged member of this 3-some seems to have disappeared over the winter. Sigh again:
coyote path

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