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January, 2016 | Scuff Productions

nov dec 2015 then into jan feb 2016

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Friday January 22, 2016

WOW. This ain’t much of a diary is it……seems I’d best start thinking of a way to capture the years of data and get it stored on a device here at home….. blogging used to keep some fun memories alive, and now it seems so few folks are still at it. sigh.

Nov 3. Last post. A fall walk into the park with a camera and a dog. a season’s changing…… and I had a feeling it would be a quiet winter for us.

The 2014 Winter……was a month spent between Nov and Christmas awaiting updates on Rodger’s dad who had finally fallen ill and been placed into hospital……he finally passed on Christmas Eve. We got the call during our neighborhood gathering here at the house…not too pleasant. So, Rodger spent Christmas week there in the bay area sorting all things out, preparing for disposition of remains, a small service, etc etc. NOT pleasant. That explains how December was a very quiet, uneventful holiday time for us.

THIS year? We BOTH came down with some kind of cold virus that kept us pretty low….extreme coughing, and misc cold symptoms….that went on 4-5 weeks….Mark recovered first, but the holiday season was NOT fun………for 2015.

That’s TWO years in a row………… I think we need a healing vacation, you know, like a month in some fabulous place to be treated like royalty. Hm……

Did ANY Things get done? Nothing much to even note: cleaned the chimney, made some soup for my cousin recovering from arthritis surgery, and on and on….that kind of thing.

We did visit new acquaintances in Vancouver Jeni & Will Brown….R had met at a Deadhead weekend….talk about nice people. Wil. has a nice fishing boat….takes some of his customers out for salmon runs on the Columbia….they had a completely separate freezer FOR fresh caught, wild, filleted salmon….and sent us home with 4 packs. About once a week: foil wrapped salmon dressed in a bit of onion, lemon, garlic….roasted in an oven. YUM.

I shouldn’t forget about my baking class. Neighbor Melanie T. who teaches baking at a local Community College, gave me a 3-day class (sure, not all day)…..on making sourdough…..and since that time to this, and I know for a while into the future, I will continue to enjoy a vastly improved bread to what I’d been making for a long time…. the curing and retarding of growth into a 3-day period vastly improves flavor and texture. Yum.

For about the 3rd time since we moved here, we ran into another Tugboat Cooking crew (3 this time) ….who end up pushing barges up the Columbia to the Eastern side of the state….shifts last about 7 days…and these guys clean/prep/cook all the meals the crew gets….it’s always the 5-6 carts of “everything” that astounds you on first look….and yes, the store opens a private cashier line for them.

At least we enjoyed a quiet 2-man Thanksgiving Dinner together…..spending the day prepping and cooking the meal to “our standards” (grandma turkey dinner) and watching some football. It was a perfect quiet day for us and for remembering our families, not too many of whom are left.

I finally got to meet the one niece, daughter of my sister who passed away from cancer years ago when her 3 little girls were small…..pre school age. They grew up without her, had a couple of step-moms, none of whom were memorable, and via the FB and a visit now and then, I’ve been thrilled to become friends of theirs……this is one BIG JEWEL of 2014-2015…………and I SO hope I get to continue seeing them now and then. They’re all in California………… maybe an excuse to travel?

The Christmas 2015? Just two of us again…..making our Christmas dinner, a few football games, and this time, cocktails! We HAD put up a tree, things looked beautiful……it wasn’t a bad time………..

A dear friend I knew in Utah …..almost 35 years ago….who I’d only been “hearing about” since then came to Portland right after Christmas…..once again, my little person was astounded to see that thing they preach blossom as truth again: REAL friendships don’t end….and when they’re renewed, it only takes minutes to be right back where you were….that was this visit….we didn’t stop talking for 3 days….David may buy a 2nd home here, so I’m only hoping we meet again soon.

**HE did come back just a couple weeks ago….spending some time with other folks he knew here and looking at listing for available properties. cool.

We did have a little cold snap and a bit of snow for a week….I always find myself bound by some ‘code’….to make sure our bird friends living here continue to be fed, thawing a feeder, (including thawing hummingbird feeders)…..and they Do come in when it’s freezing……I can’t imagine what the mortality rate is for wild birds in a cold snow period like this.

And so on and so on……..and here on Jan 22…..the big wet period MAY BE behind for this week….we’re going to have a few days of moderate, warming air, and rain only every other day. I’d be SO happy to see some things dry out a bit.

So, my diary’s caught up a bit…..not much has happened, eh.

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