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October, 2015 | Scuff Productions

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Bloged in General Home Life by mark Friday October 30, 2015

**ANY picture can be “clicked” on to see it in full perspective……

Wow, our weather turned within a few days from the endless summer dry warm bright worker-bee busy life to dark gray, wet, drizzle, fog period now forecast for 5-6 days……and the plants in the yard seemed to be on pace, maybe not so noticeable in the bright sun as they are now……… but with the long-term forecasts ALL calling for 5-6 days of rain / gray…….it was TIME to get any yard work done ahead of it.

The LAST Flowering HUGE plant: the Datura, and NO, we’re not making tea out of it


The “favorite” fall tree for how the leaves/shape appear:

fav fall tree

The Deciduous Redwood we have….the needles finally turning gold/brown, soon to drop:

redwood redy to shed

The Huge Leafed Catalpa Tree stuck in a narrow space between house and a row of firs….has finally almost shed everything, but it IS the yard space I have to pick up with the mower/bagger MANY times and drop on the garden….I got it really cleaned out last night expecting the rain to start:

catalpa base

Yes, the Garden is now under a heavy 4-6″ layer of mulch for the winter:

hevy grdn cover

Oh yes, Rodger got his turn at cleaning the chimney prior to fall wood fires….yes, done ahead of the rain, and we should be set for a couple of years now:

clean the chimney

Even some vine maples in the forest seem to be showing strains of a very DRY summer:

bent trees

So….yesterday was a very busy day getting the place ready for the rain period to start….and today, I spent reading a book! Yes, recovery!

a melancholy mark

Bloged in Fall,General Home Life by mark Wednesday October 28, 2015

No post since August. Clearly showing the decline of blogging as with almost everyone I used to “follow”. Now replaced with the short-quips on the FB, Twitter….. now everyone’s convinced they no longer have the time to read a considered post in a blog…..takes too much time because you have 459 “real” friends on the other media formats. And I can’t claim I’ve done any differently…. It IS a bit fun to read little bits about a lot of people….but………… oh well…. just my observation.

I had to decide Oct 1 whether to even “pay” for another time period for Blue Host to maintain this site… I Outta find it IF….. this next year I Do learn to write in this little ‘diary’ again, OR….just back up the database and put it on a DVD scrapbook for ALL my “0” grandchildren to read about. Hah.

That being said, SO MUCH has gone by since August……… I’m simply going to throw up a few pics and a few thoughts about the last 60 days… fast as I can, I MUST get back to FB quick to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Hah.

So the walk through FALL begins:

fog wlk2

FIRST observation Oct 28, 2015. Sigh. I am truly feeling melancholy, a little blue this morning. For the first time, ALL long term weather forecasts are calling for our entering the normal “wet” period of late fall that may well be here through spring……and ALWAYS……when that first starts, I feel a bit empty after having 6 straight months of fabulous perfect sunny days/ warmer nights. Day long shades of gray, and little drizzly rain bits are not my cup of tea, although I WELL know that’s HOW you have a rain forest. And how can I WHINE…….of course I wouldn’t trade this for the serious long-term drought killing California.

2nd Observation: I just turned 69. Just HOW did that happen? I used to the “little kid” in the family a short while back:

Yep, that’s right….the last one you can still be NOT in your “70’s” . . .a decade I am not fond of yet… begin to be discounted by fewer friends (fewer are alive for one thing…hah)….. others you know that ARE your age…..begin to discuss Prostates, bumps here or there, digestion, prescriptions, doctors, and on and on. NO! Let’s talk about our friends we miss or even see, and about where/what we’re doing…… let’s still be ALIVE while we ARE alive and healthy……NOT start to sink into that nursing home machine 10-15 years before you should. ENOUGH of THAT!

SO………. remedy. While I type, Playing a bit of Debussy (Children’s Corner)….spot of tea, and just let myself SIT here and mind-wander. Hm……I already feel better.

And…. one of my NEW adventures IS Bread Baking….starting with learning Sourdough from a fabulous Prof. Melanie Templeman, who we’re lucky enough to be neighbors with…my first class mid-day pic:
mark n bread
**I’m already up to attempt #16, and AM getting better….(that being said, on #16….I completely forgot SALT…oh well).

Friend and ex-neighbor Krysta stopped by not long ago….

krysta 2015
.now living on the coast, she’s got a lot of life surrounding her….2 new kids, a degree in nursing meaning she’s working plenty at the hospital, and dealing with “marriage”….. AH, maybe that’s ONE little part I do NOT miss about being younger…..A LOT of added stresses older folks don’t have….or need 🙂 .

**An overdue BIG project for OUR household has been…..getting some maples down that were either already on last legs from termites, OR…leaning toward the house because that’s where the sun was coming from…. and this September we DID it….WHAT an adventure it is simply to watch a crew dancing up 30-40 ft in trees with heavy chain saws hanging from their belts while they slowly cut a tree down to size. THEN….OUR own work began, cleaning up the entire site, splitting the trunks, getting the last huge trunk (164” around at the base) cut down…..WHEW! There were some adventures here….some exercise, and a HUGE satisfaction moment when the stacks were either stacked for curing this winter, or IN the woodshed for warm fires that’ll begin soon…… Not SURE that MAC understood the scope of the project, but he sure like THIS little pile of ex-wood bits:

last of huge tree

**almost done….. Splitting wood’s the fun part, stacking….the good exercise part:

last stacking to do

SO….got that done…… got the garden cleaned up, deer fence once again, rolled up and put away, plants dried, frozen, or…. A relief kind of to let this year’s garden go…..the year was So warm, dry, that harvesting continued TOO long….wore me out!

garden to rest 2015

And…..the space was turned over for the deer to salvage dinner snacks as they wishes:

deer eat grdn fwrs

Not long ago, a friend I have not seen in some 30 years visited….it was non-stop talking, dining, and learning once again, real friendships remain no matter the time and distance. Dave’s a fabulous guy, and he’s already missed…..we’re hoping to see him again soon…..

dave n mark

Okay….I Do admit one thing……….with summer out of the way and gray days upon us, I “allow” myself a bit of pleasure……. (no, don’t go there)………I get to “READ” a few books I’ve gotten ahold of through the summer…..waiting first is the one about “how/what animals feel/think” . . ..a subject I am close to, as we’ve grown to understand a LOT more about nature living here the last 20 years than we used to. And, now that MAC has somehow gotten to be 11…..when we first got him, I was thinking, “Well, HE’ll be the lat dog you’ll ever have…….and now, he’s already as old as I am…….and I’m probably TOO well aware I just might be showing a few signs of being 69 as he’s showing being 11…..HOWEVER….he STILL does a strong powerful swim session 1-2x a week down in the river…. he’s been a great friend.

Sigh. Time to go………….. there’s one piece of birthday cake left and it’s noonish….

mrk bday cake2

hm……I think my birthday will be completely gone when this piece gets put on that plate in a bit………okay. I’m 69 now. Whew.

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