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October, 2014 | Scuff Productions

Putting the record producing 2014 Garden to Rest.

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Friday October 10, 2014

The day sure ended better than it started……with a Dentist filing, sawing, chipping, then a little filling saying my teeth were too crowded and as one gets older your lower jaw continues to grow, so I’d eventually have some trouble……….I said, will insurance pay, he says, “Oh, a little, yep, it will cost you a little…” Well, I did it…..then leaving had to pay $438 for MY share…..then get a call when I get home, NO, I owe $710 instead… paid: 116. Well. I sure learned how much dental insurance I have. Medicare NONE.
So I was glad the afternoon ended better than the day began.

Note to self: You promised Michael at Ridgefield a full report on just how much you got out of this garden where each plant starter was given….a teaspoon dusting of his magic Pro-biotic Garden powder last spring. The report WILL say: I don’t know if it’s ALL the probiotics, but it IS probably part a result of the warmest Portland summer on record that helped produce the RECORD, by far, amount of vegetables we’ve ever grown here. Whew! We JUST picked the LAST pile of tomatoes last night that will make yet ONE MORE round of Lydia’s famous frozen Pasta Sauce for the winter freezer…. We had countertops laden with produce all summer from peppers, lettuce, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and herbs.

OKAY. On to the little report for today. A little misting of rain may occur tonight or in the morning, then a couple days of cloudy/mild weather, THEN…what appears to be the FALL changeover to very WET weather by Tuesday for several days. SO? After Rodger got home from work, we went to the garden to finish off the tomato harvest….then he dug around for some potatoes, and there are plenty of those still.

I SAW the opportunity with about 90 minutes of sun left……. With NO desire to be rolling up deer fencing on a wet lawn next week, my mind said….get things put away here. I got trimmers, and immediately trimmed the last of tomato vines off the cages…..PUlled the cages and hauled ’em off to the shed.
grdn cages stored

Then, I began the dismlanting and rolling up task of pulling the half of the deer fence still up off the posts, and rolling the two pieces of as tight as I could. Those pieces were then hauled to the back of the shed for storage….still needing a tarp to cover:
grdn fence roll

I have already put down a layer of leaves/mowed grass on 1/2 the garden, so it’s beginning to look like this little piece of ground is ready for a rest:
grdn view1

Ånd THIS was that grand space all those tomatoes came out of…..this will await layers of grass/leaves in a couple weeks:
grdn view2

The sunflowers……..?? They’re awfully heavy….hoping they survive the rain coming.

AH, THANK YOU, Garden 2012…..what an adventure in Mole control, but mostly growing a beautiful bunch of delicious food.

I also observe the Gravenstein Apples near the garden, are SO many, and many LARGE, they’re falling off the tree….All nearby have been told to come pick some, but most will go for the hungry coyotes/deer soon:
grvnsteins all

The unexpected reward for the warm dry summer was out concord grapes mostly used just for the leaves in pickling, have a small harvest of their own going on, they are unbelievably delicious….that matches what I’m hearing about the entire Oregon Grape harvest….it too has been huge:
grdn concrd grapes

Lastly, when dear friends the Smiths left the ‘hood a few years ago, Karen gave me her old old boot, that she made into a planter after it was worn out….simply putting in some dirt and letting some little succulent plants grow. So. I have done NOTHING with, to, for, this little boot but move it around into the right light on occasion, and here it still thrives with life some 5-6 years later:
karens boot

FALL is in FULL swing here.

an unexpected fabulous migration siting while swimming Mac.

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Monday October 6, 2014

We had theater to see Sunday afternoon with cuz Nancy & Jerry….SO…..we took Mac to Kelly Point on the Columbia River. This is a pretty magnificent point on the River…’s about 1 = 2 thousand feet upstream where the Willametter River empties into the river, so it’s splotlessly clean water, but MORE importantly, it has some magnificent views: To the far right, You see Mt Hood ….clearly…….to the left and closer than that, Vancouver Washington’s port is seen, and directly across from the point is the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge….. then, moving to the left, is that river confluence, then far and moving off into the distance, is the Sauvie Island Bird Refuge locations…….

So. There we are, tossing things for the dog to retrieve, and 3 times, to that very FAR left in the distance, the low sky was completely FILLED with thousands of Canadian Geese flying like a great dark low cloud onto and landing at Sauvie Island for some rest… gave me goosebumps to see THAT many birds in ONE view…..

THEN….directly across, two flocks of SNOW GEESE (and I didn’t even think they’ve be any this far south yet were taking off from Ridgefield….now flying straight, but circling, climbing higher and higher to at great height, it seemed to us, finally caught wind currents and disappeared ……..going south.

snow geese3
**no not our pic, a web pic, and they were further away from us than this.

BUT that wasn’t the Magnificent part….. IN the morning sun as they circled….with their bright white feathers and black wingtips, at some moments, they’d almost disappear to a shadow, but then as they moved around into the sun, their bright colors were reflected to us as we watched…..OVER and OVER again, this circular motion happened. The two flocks finally merged into one as they reached the winds aloft and resume their southern migration.

What an alive experience that was……Snow Geese are quite beautiful.

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