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May, 2014 | Scuff Productions

Are you Kidding? Mid May almost here?

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Thursday May 8, 2014

It is hard for me to believe that time is NOT passing faster….I sure am not getting as much done as I should….and we’re leaving town in 10 days. I shouldn’t be throwing a few pics up here for my “diary”.

So, here’s a ‘hurry up and get this done’ post about my current spring thoughts.

**AT cousin Nancy’s took a picture of a very old maternal family reunion at my folks house in 1954:
ray reunion 1954
**I “believe” I can work with this in “Photoshop” or something to help it out……..lots of memories

Now. The garden finally got “tilled” with the trusty old big machine that started on the 2nd pull…. (BECAUSE….thanks, cousin Dennis! I’m using boat/marine gasoline (leaded) you buy at any boat dock)…and your machines never get gummed up again.

Looked great after it was done….
2014 grdn tlld n rows

With the ‘promise’ of warmer dry weather coming, there are a few lettuce plants out there that are almost ready to eat…..and it IS May when deer start to show up eating young plants. The deer fence went up on the “sunny” day yesterday, and I’m glad it’s done:
deer fence 2014

The Rhubarb is doing very well, first cutting already gone to Marie at John St Cafe….2nd cutting very soon:
4 rhbarb grwng fast

And I only have one little of our “mini-greenhouse” starter boxes going….this cabbage, parsley, etc was planted yesterday too:

ALONG, Skyline, our 10 year old “Kerria” is doing fantastic, beautiful small yellow “Japanese Roses” that last about 3-4 weeks:

**AND I LOVE the arrivals of our songbirds this spring…’s continuing right on track, in fact, we’re seeing MORE birds than last year…….it appears that the drought/dry winter in California was a lot easier for them to migrate through than the extremely stormy winter last year. Example? HUMMINGBIRDS: So far last year Jan to May 10? 40 quarts……consumed. THIS year? to May 10? 80 Quarts! We’ll be busy with those kids for a couple of months, for sure.

So here are some other beautiful arrivals: The American Goldfinches:
American Goldfinch

The gorgeous tiny Wilson’s Warbler has been here every day, lately with a lady friend, yes:
Wilson's Warbler male, Wilsonia pusilla, perched in pine tree.

The Yellow Rumped Warbler showed up alone, then next day, 4 of them, but now…..they’ve probably moved into the woods for mating/nesting:
yellwrmped wrblr 2

And of course, our favorite champion songbird caller, the Black Headed Grosbeaks are here, and beginning to nest already:
blck hd grsbk

We have one pair of Evening Grosbeaks who’ve decided our feeder stations are just right…..they were here about 5 days, and yesterday, there were 9 of these beautiful birds at the feeders….with some “luck” maybe we’ll have more than one pair stay around for the summer:
**above’s a “web” pic**

MAC is donating to the nest-building effort for the birds….. We captured enough of his shedding hair to fill this suet cage….and the chickadees are using enough, that THIS pic, is the 2nd time I’ve filled it:
4dog hair nest mtrl

**On the dog walk, captured this fun MOSSY tree trunk fallen over… had every appearance of being ready to come after us:

With very dear friend SHEILA ELLAM (R’s ‘best’ friend in High School) for a few days, we did tour Portland’s most famous gardens, the Rose Gardens in Washington Park. Roses weren’t out yet, but the Rhody’s and other things were at their peak here, just a few weeks before the Rose Festival in June. THERE WERE two I want IN OUR yard, but have NO clue what they are…..I believe this will take a bit of research:

Plant #1:
pdx mystery plnt 2

Plant #2:
mystry plnt 1

And that’s it……got to run…… a Pork Shoulder has been cooking in the crockpot for 10 hours…..I believe our dinner is about done. Yum.

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