November. Hello real fall, bye Indian Summer

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Thursday November 14, 2013
Just a few shots of fall least for me. We've been too busy on house projects to think about anything fun or exciting....but I still love the color here. The garden is finally at rest...a LONG dry fall led to an extra deep layer of leaves being placed here as the winter blanket: M6u4N Not completely without food, MAC has been at attention more than once standing right here (and yes, caught 2x digging) for his favorite garden vegetable, the mighty carrots: ptVVN We have 2 apple trees...the Gravenstein ripens in August, this Granny Smith in we get apples for 3 months... NO, we didn't eat very many, and as these fall, deer and/or a coyote wanter through every day or two and pick up what's on the ground: tJ0hk The gravenstein's left ON the tree are for birds and squirrels now. They're pretty soft and rotten, but it sure doesn't stop birds and squirrels from getting a meal here... B6qwb And in the back yard side, along the point the drop-off begins.... when we cut the maples 10 years ago leaving the high stumps to rot and eventually fill with bugs for woodpeckers, we ALSO planted a Pine Tree.... Now, 10 years later, it's STILL small, and I'm wondering what happens first...does it catch up to the height of the stumps BEFORE they fall or not: k0146 And, 20' away, right off the deck we finally planted a SEQUOIA tree from the pot it's been in for 10 years....and no, there's nothing wrong with it. We bought it as soon as we heard that it IS: Deciduous....I'd never heard of that in a Sequoia, so we've been watching it's beautiful light green needles turn brown every fall and's a beautiful tree: 7cvFq I've always loved that back part of the deck...looking at the birdbath, feeders, trees, and that slope: ANMdS And so much for November. WILL we get motivated to be ready for December?

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