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July, 2013 | Scuff Productions

July 10 2013 yard life. very unusual …including hummers leaving already?

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Wednesday July 10, 2013

No words for this…. nothing has rotted, molded or gotten the blight. EVERYTHING is growing about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I’ve already harvested a lot of oregano that’s already dried, cleaned and bottled (2 quarts).

TODAY? This…..

4jul 10 hrvst herbs
Yes, a WHOLE lotta Parsley, another healthy dose of fresh Parsley, and rosemary were cut, bundled, and now hang in the garage to dry. It’s a second parsley harvest…. the other herbs are healthy: celery, bay laurel, etc.

Yes, I meant a LOT of thyme:
5 lotta thyme

The time came, the last of the Cascade Delight Raspberry came quickly because of the warmth….so we grabbed another flat to finish the 2013 raspberry time:
.1 rspberries 6 28 13

That meant, setting out, measuring, cleaning the jars (lucky our new dishwasher does that), stirring pectin/sugar together, etc….we like to get things ready ahead of the time:
2jam ingrdnts_0531

The first dahlia (for our altitude anyway) was yesterday, and she’s a beauty:
3frst dahlie 2013

Oh sure, cuz Nancy bragged 2 weeks ago about her first ripe tomato meal. WELL, our first little Stupice came off the vine today, so THERE:
6 frst mater 07 10 13
**Our experiment with Purple Krims shows promise….there are TWO out there dark purple, but not soft enough to try yet.

And the beloved HUMMINGBIRDS………. the MALES have GONE (Rufous)……….and either the ladies are nesting again, or even some of them have left. Our feeding activity has dropped by half or more just in ONE week….. I need to study just WHO is out there eating ….and reduce the feeders from 10 to 7…..sigh. it’s an amazing time EVERY year, just WHEN you’ve gotten so busy with yard/garden work, you think I just don’t have time for cooking this sugar/water every day…….and they begin leaving….. sigh again.

What a summer!

Portland GARDEN / weather notes 2013 JUNE. (only for pers ref 2014)

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Monday July 1, 2013

This spring/summer start is so unusual for us, I felt a little push to write a few just line-notes for the time I WILL be looking at this year’s JUNE, 2012 June, etc…..when whatever 2014 brings, I’ll be saying…what the heck happened…… hah.

grdn may 30 13
***the garden taken not June 30, but MAY 30…….2013***

1) YES, it was a pretty dry mild spring in the Oregon NW (not Seattle….who was, as usual, MUCH wetter and cooler), but rain periods regularly interjected themselves….result? THIS springs weeds, moles, bugs came back in a big way….. but ALSO the yard in general, bulbs, flowers, shrubs, trees all SHOWED big growth spurts (more on that in other lines).

2) The Rhodies. I never knew one may have to trim Rhodies. But the last 2 winters were SO mild, they showed growth spurts that made them look ragged out….. branches shot out, the undergrowth was thick. SO, after all the blooming, a severe pruning has been going on with them. They look years younger. But. WILL they bloom much next year?

3) The VEG Garden: wow. Everything got planted, up, stabilized by mid-May, NOT mid-June. By mid-June, they began the big growth spurt one expects in July. …..

4) THAT growth spurt is right NOW being pushed big-time by the big heat wave that has scorched AZ, NV, and Central CA….(and boy have our thoughts been with friends n family there)….but we just don’t handle 95’s very well. For one thing, we have, as many don’t, air conditioning….. it’s so seldom needed….by mid-afternoon, the house sits about 80-85 inside, and NO breeze….it’s HOT AND HUMID. the garden doesn’t care, it’s exploding in growth….it’s hurt the cool season lettuce, but that’s all. Remember this in 2014, then you can’t see much happening out there as it happened THIS year.

5) Lesson learned about onion family: DO NOT fertilize these guys……. they thrive on lean soil…I DID fertilize my healthy crop of leeks….and they immediately went into budding …..ruining the roots/stalks by making them become old and woody.

6) Don’t sit and enjoy reading so much next winter, get the piles of OLD OLD stuff in the house straightened out into a pile. DONATE MORE BOOKS, MORE everything….get this place leaned out because you’re not feeling like doing it in this heat.

7) JAM. We ONLY got 24 jars of the fabulous Cascade Delight Raspberries put up and this heat wave hit. WILL they last until it’s over? I’m NOT jammin’ in a kitchen that will reach 90 with heat on.

8) THE BERM was created a few years ago and misc things were planted just to see how they’d handle the soil. By a miracle, it looks beautiful, BUT……….still SHOULD have been planned better why? Some of those fir shrubs are maturing bigger than you planned for…..and crowding each other. I HATE to dig anything up now….it’s looked so nice. Oh well…..things did NOT die. I’ll take that.

9) Planted Raspberries again…..and as always, forget that young yearling deer get turned out June 1st as mom’s give birth to the new fawns…..they end up here eating off the berry plants and begin nibbling on the apple trees…. Why was that deer sprinkler not OUT there and set? This lesson seems to be taught every spring and not learned well.

10) It has been a fabulous bird watching spring/summer so far… I type, I’m watching two parent juncos hop around through the lawn with two chicks awkwardly following them round…..begging for bites. THAT has been the NORM this year…..we’ve never SEEN so MANY birds succeed SO well creating the new generation….INCLUDING HUMMINGBIRDS. Hummers have consumed, SO FAR, 39 GALLONS of prepped sugar/water ….last year was only 29 through Dec. OF course, one MUST remember, the season of the Rufous is ALREADY coming to an end so consumption will drop big time in 30 days. The males have ALREADY left. ):

***I may come back and add to this………. but for the moment SHOULD get out there and mow/weed/water before it’s too hot.


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