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May, 2013 | Scuff Productions

May ends for 2013…finally. 3rd wettest on record

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Thursday May 30, 2013

After two beginning weeks of paradise weather (for May here….) dry sunny warm beautiful, we were seduced into planting a lot of things….luckily they were in soon enough to get “rooted” since the LAST two week of May have ended up putting this month on track as the 3rd wettest Portland May ON record….in fact a few trees ’round town gave out and fell over just yesterday…..leaving Highway 30, for example, closed completely for 22 hours. What a month!

But forecast for June, week one? CLEAR dry warm again…….and all the next week the same! This means the ‘gamble’ always taken planting corn seeds (in a safe place) WILL be transplanted this w/e into their new garden spot:
corn ready to plant

The ONLY thing looking ragged out there was the basil when I checked this morning…’s this year’s garden last night:
grdn may 30 13
.*In that pic (corn goes in that empty spot)….are: rhubarb, lots-o-potatoes, sunflower starts, carrots up, hot peppers, leeks, shallots, garlic, rosemary, oregano, chives, celery, fennel, lettuce, tomatillos, bay laurel..and hiding behind those pink walled mini-greenhouses are the ‘maters……..what’s ready to eat? leeks, lettuce, herbs.

Yesterday WAS a big day ANYWAY……I removed one of two ornamental cherry trees that, now in their 30th year, are getting very ragged AND covering up light that all the berm shrubs/trees now need….I am one tired old guy today, but some berm spots are seeing sun for the first time ever:
cherry tree gone
**Yes, the last of the stump must come out………and one more entire tree…..THAT will wait a couple months.

There’s ONE NW shrub that sure loved this spring month of may, I’m not sure it has EVER bloomed this solidly:
rhodie big blm

Oh well………I wait June 2013 with some excitement…..and so does Mac:

Last Warm May Day … before cool dampness moved back in: GARDEN Progress

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Thursday May 16, 2013

Trying to get some more pics up showing how the dry warm weather helped us get a lot done 2-3 weeks ahead of time. JUST THIS MORNING, however, Mark Nelson, our weather favorite has forecast a very cold front arriving next week that will bring temps to the 30’s….Whoa! Well. We went ahead anyway during that 6- week warm spell… we’ll hope for the best.
Hummers First:
bizy hmrs 050813
**** The feed volume’s been averaged 1.4 quarts a day from May 3 – 12. The last three days? 2.2 quarts a DAY! Where are those baby birds coming from! Sounds like ALL nesting Moms survived what with this warm/dry month! Yea!

Some parts of our berm plantings are maturing and showing they were planted TOO close. woops. The Keria though & this maple look perfect:
keria n maple

Yes, I gave up looking for takers. I had to trim the Bay Laurel (‘bay leaf’, yep)….and it looks like liposuction was done:
bay laurel trimmed

I saved the cuttings for a week, and no one volunteered to take all the bay leaf for cooking:
bay laurel wasted051613

The rhodies finally seemed to all bloom in ONE day:
rhodies explode 051613

IT WAS TIME TO SET UP the GARDEN ’cause the DEER FENCE had to be put up! We went to Ridgefield and got our starter tomatoes n peppers….they sat out to acclimate to our elevation a couple days:
vegies wait mve to grn

Had to calculate which part is now getting so much morning shade (ah, that last OLD growth huge fir):
grdn shady 051613
Got the plants up by the house….

I set out plants before planting……getting an idea how much space I’d need:
map grdn 051613

Got them planted, and tried something new for filling the Walls-o-Water….I set them around an inverted small tomato cage…..filled them partway, then carried them to the plant, placed it, and finished filling there….saved some wear on the back:
filling walls 051613
Finally got 21 walls-o-water placed, filled, set for 11 tomatoes and 10 pepperplants:
****stupice, san marzano, and 3 experiementals…. peppers: serranos, habanero, and Ponzo, Anaheim, 2 Orange Bells***

And this one look shows the shady plants at the edge: lettuce, celery, thyme, oregano, fennel, chives, and the startup volunteers of tomatillos:
grdn lk sth 051613

So, the 2013 veggie project is beginning to look like a garden:
walls o watr 051613

Missing for the next 3 weeks will be what currently is our “hoped-for” Corn crop that so far are just seeds:
future corn 051613

Ah! The potatoes on two edges are coming along….That will be from where that magic American 4th of July home-made Potato Salads come from, eh?
Okay. Now to lunch.

Some dog walk pics…normal gray light Portland

Bloged in Nature,Portland by mark Tuesday May 14, 2013

We woke up to a low thick marine layer of clouds. I grabbed the el-cheepo camera thinking the light THIS day would be good for pics, and actually show what kind of rich light the park usually displays in the spring when EVERYTHING is green.

We leave Skyline here….trespassing across Dave’s side road….where the little road ends, Forest Park begins:
dave slr trail

Some places are SO full of growth, not much light is there on a cloudy day:
trail to rchlnb050813

And further down, things just get rich and green:
trail to rchln050813

On this walk, we went along Firelane 10……nice vistas, not sure this cheapo camera shows that:
alongfireln10 050713

Still a few trees left waiting for leafing out:

And, Lower Newton Road…..
nwtn road050813

Newton Road, on the return: **we’re listening here to Pileateds calling from the top of an old growth cedar…that has long seemed to be telegraph central here….SO tall, the top 40′ is dead…and always being used as a calling point…
firelane10 may82013

And finally going homeward bound, leaving Newton, we’re back on the little ‘private’ trail from Arnie’s house to Skyline….. Peter and Jeanne, I’m sure, are discussing Mystical Philosophy:
rchln trailc 050813

Oh well……not much said, just what a rain forest looks like in mid-spring…..w/o rain, and before anything dries out……nothing spectacular.

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