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September, 2012 | Scuff Productions

Sept 2012. Remodel n garden

Bloged in garden,General Home Life,Scuff Boys by mark Wednesday September 5, 2012

Whoosh! The last 30 days have felt like being stuck on a downhill ski slope that doesn’t end. Whoever decided remodeling some of this house should happen while garden work is at its peak needs to have a talking to! Hah. IT IS the grasshopper vs ant story all over again….when it’s summer in Portland, you’d better make the work get done.

We’ve both fallen in love with the new deck! What a place that breathes relax…… enjoy the woods!

NOW, we’ve moved forward with nice laminate floors being put down and replacing the awful green carpet we’ve lived with for 15 years…. a quick pic shows a hint how they’ll look ….. (in a better pic, hah):

**Scott Seger is the craftsman, and make a note, Portlanders…if you EVER want to do floors this is the guy…. As nice as anyone I’ve ever met and helpful about ANY question, never in a hurry, and a perfectionist. HE IS HERE today and part of tomorrow…today working on the front room and hallway.

What did we do in the meantime? Yesterday was a full day catching up on the garden:

1) Rodg trimmed, pruned his sauce tomatoes (marzanos, romas, etc etc) back to the fruit, hoping to get some ripening happening.

2) Mark watered the garden then picked a small bucket of tomatillos (guess what for):

**There’s most of the ingredients sans lemon juice. This will make the total salsa jar count for this winter up to 76. BUT. 12 of those are EXTREMELY HOT. I WONDER WHO will volunteer to test ’em out.

3) SO many tomatoes and you can ONLY eat 1 BLT a day and a plate of slicers… it was time to ROAST these:

** HOW? slice, tumble just a mite in a bit of olive-oil… upright on the roasting pans, a light sprinkle of sugar, salt, pepper and roast at 375 about 2 hours…. and they’re finger lickin’ good right out of the oven:


4) The sept nites are cooling…..age showing on BASIL. 2 BIG plants were pulled, cleaned and made ready:

**YES, once the leaves are free, run ’em through the blender with just a drizzle of olive oil, so they’re coated. then, PLACE into ice trays:

***when they’re frozen, get out of the trays, pack so they’ll be loose, and freeze for the winter. NOTE: THIS IS NOT a real pesto recipe, but almost. WHEN they’re THAWED this winter, I’ll add the garlic, walnuts, and parmesan “FRESH” and it will truly taste LIKE a just made pesto.

Yes, that was a full day…..then, as Scott left after 5:00 pm, we then had to move all the furniture back into the TV room so the front rooms could be done today. So we relaxed, sat down to watch the U.S. Open Tennis matches of the day, and WHAT? RAINED OUT? ARE YOU Kidding? Oh well……

TODAY? Pick MORE tomatoes and maybe make Stach’s Scalloped Tomatoes……it sounds delicious.

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