Jan 2011 Snow at Home!

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Tuesday January 17, 2012
Finally this winter! Some SNOW. It's been a bit treacherous up here at 1000' for Rodger getting to work....his first attempt failed when he found all roads between here and OHSU were closed.... he tried going west later and barely made it to work. This will happen again tonight, but it's short lived. By Friday, temps with heavy rain forecast will be in the high 50's. Oh well. When snow is rare, and temps just "right" enough to make it stick to the rain forest, it's quite moving. I MUST get this done quick, I still have some winter weather bits to get done.....But wanted to post a few PICTURES from the yard AND Mac's Forest Park hike this morning....... I've "crunched" them to get this done, but please hit a click on 'em all....it's the only way to FEEL the snow around you. I have NOT edited ANY of them, and it was cloudy.... This was a 2 hour walk. . . . . The walk down To the Wildwood: . The Newton Access Rd Parking Lot: . This fire Lane, about 400' lower than Skyline blvd, shows clearly, that this storm was "elevation driven"....This lane will take you eventually all the way down to 40' above sea level at Linnton, OR along hwy 30: . The poor ferns in the park seem to be completely crushed: . By noon, we'd had another couple inches at home, and back deck's starting to look rather nice: . This fir at the front of the property got so weighed down, a major branch (hadn't happened yet in this pic) broke away from the tree: . Some snow was shoveled just "in case" tonight's event turns out to give us another 5-6 inches: Oh well, there were more, but this is enough. When you see snow So rarely, it's rather a treasured time even if some hell is paid driving in terror, working to save branches, drying the dog (yes, he got to catch snowballs for a while), etc etc.

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