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October, 2011 | Scuff Productions

Garden work done? not quite

Bloged in garden,General Home Life by mark Wednesday October 19, 2011

Yes, we noted the garden was being put to bed a couple weeks ago………. it’s a process………… Fencing’s put away, stakes, cages all put away. The FIRST pile lawn CLIPPINGS have been spread on the top (and there’ll be a few more as the leaves fall)……….

And, the BIG JOB has been the murdering (I always hate to cut down a big old tree) of the last tree we think we’ll have to remove….we wanted them ALL done this year so we can start NEW trees that should be lookin quite perfect by the time we will sell and get to a smaller place….. 8 – 10 years……. hopefully. The FINAL TREE the last two days (and two more to finish) is the big tangled WALNUT in back. We’ve had to cut it back several times from the house, and it just allowed TOO much shade in the back. That means: Moss, mold in too many places. It’s cut, chopped, and piled almost………..that I’ll have to finish soon.

BUT: The GARDEN? What could possibly be LEFT to do? ( I JUST BARELY yesterday finished the last of those fabulous little Russian tomatoes….that flavor held up all the way through…. now, we wait another 9 months for some more)…………..

The fennel plant was getting too heavy / wet to think it would finish curing outdoors, so it was harvested and brought in to dry along with several branches of bay leaf (Bay Laurel) that were pruned from the plant….this was all about 2 weeks ago:

Today I finally cleaned up that harvest, the fennel seed is packed, and ONE bottle already has been selected….it gets a trip to California for Christmas:

The bay leaf is still finishing, and will be ready in about a week:

I am about ready to clean up and store the green onion seed:

The leek blossom is still drying, but I’ll eventually have Leek seeds for spring:

In the last post, a cilantro plant was drying out near the wood shed…..that got enough “curing” to trim and be brought in. It dried quickly and is ready to pack and wait for spring planting:

I harvested MORE Sunflower blooms, and since they were also getting too damp, I am finishing some of them in the oven today:

SO. Now, I can finally say, the garden work is done other than covering it with mulch in the next 4 weeks.

ON TO plans and schemes that may involve actual yard design work……Rodger’s excited about that…… a little well placed fencing, deck replacement, helping the OLD tool shed become part greenhouse, stripping carpets in the old L/R and replacing with wooden flooring to convert it to a dining room, and on and on……that guy has NO end to imagination…… I’ll be contacting our budget office about how soon some of it gets done, hah.

I’m staring out the window at a very dark gray damp afternoon. Sigh.

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