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9/29/2010 | Scuff Productions

A Diva Exit

Bloged in General Home Life,Scuff Boys by mark Wednesday September 29, 2010

Mac’s daily walkmate, 14+ yr old Black Lab “DIVA” passed away this morning at home just as Arnie had pulled the car out front to take her to the vet. He went back in to get her, and she was gone.

She’s been on the decline for a while, full of Arthritis and other complications of “old” age, but kept up her walks, almost NEVER up to OUR speed, but spurred on by pepperoni treats, she always finished. Diva was a warm natured dog, and the Rochlins will miss her, as will MAC . . . . . .

It’s a bit hard on Arnie & Kaye, they just lost their other 12 yr old Golden Lab Honey about 5 months ago……. Honey was a fiercely independent dog, who, as a pup, was abandoned in Forest Park and showed up on their doorstep, a 1/4 mile away. They didn’t let her in for a couple of days thinking she’d go away….but she knew WHERE she wanted to be, and since Arnie began feeding her right away, she stayed!

The estate is already being settled and it appears MAC is going to inherit two jars of Beef Jerky, a few frozen packs of Pepperoni, and some kibble. He’s torn between the loss of his pal, and new treats in the house, eh?

Oh well, it was a very very quiet lonely walk this morning for Mac and I………………..

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