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9/23/2010 | Scuff Productions

10 days

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Thursday September 23, 2010

10 days since a had anything to say is a sad statement. I’m caught between resigning myself to 7+ months of gray weather and hoping against cloudy skies that summer will soon begin. I’m slowly adjusting. I KNOW others in this town are having the same problem about this I am….we’ve all talked about it.

OH well. I am getting back into production: *Half the garden’s cleaned out….the other half waiting to see what happens………..
**Beginning to collect that annual “pile” of “stuff” that must be recycled, donated, to get organized for winter.
***calculate how much firewood we have. I don’t think we have enough, Rodger thinks we do.
****Mopped some floors finally, now that canning is just about done. DID A BATCH of Tomatillo Salsa today, and Sept 23 is the latest date I have EVER done that.
*****Took Mac swimming yesterday for some fun, realizing that water was NOT fresh (it was VERY LOW where we were), Mr Mac had to go in for a bath at the K-9 Club, and I think he LOVED it…. He’s doing his late summer coat shedding, this was good.
******Saw another Eugene O’Neil play last Sunday, it was okay, outdated, not that fun for 3 hours.. O’Neil’s SO much better getting you depressed than happy.
*******Got the orchard boxes out front…awaiting planting this w/e.

I am promising to cheer up soon. . . . today has stayed as dark outside as it was shortly after dawn this morning. The sunny afternoon did NOT materialize. . . . . . . .


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