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6/16/2010 | Scuff Productions

Logging addendum

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Wednesday June 16, 2010

**Because a good question was raised about the downing of the Maple Tree, I thought I’d just explain:

WHY do you leave the trunk of the tree up that high? It seems you’d get some good firewood chunks out of that fattest part of the trunk at the bottom?”

WELL………….it’s an easy answer, thanks to learning from Nancy G years ago. We leave those lower tree trunks high because……as they decay and soften, they become full of bugs. GUESS WHO begins visiting them as they truly rot over years? BIRDS. They become bird buffets……..and that trumps being used for a one-night fire. Cool, eh?

SO, next time you’re logging on your property, leave a bit-o-trunk for the birds………’s worth it.

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