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11/12/2008 | Scuff Productions

Ok. It’s Nov 13 already!

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Wednesday November 12, 2008

So it is time to get ready for that one time a year we can step back and remember what most Americans have come to think everyone has: abundant life….

I want to give thanks to Keith Olberman especially for his Special Comment standing up against Prop 8’s passage. I could have embedded the video, but it’s been done many other places. If you have NOT seen it you should. Click on Prop 8 above and watch it.

I’m so thrilled I share with one brother, Art, and his wife Lesley, at least these core values: Love Others as Yourself, Equal rights for all. I believe that pretty well covers what Christianity is supposed to be.

I am thankful for all those people in CA, AZ that DID vote against this horrible legislation. Never forget that almost half the voters hoped to defeat it.

I always am grateful to have a partner who, yes, may be annoying at times, as I am to him, but we share a life rich in beauty, friendships, laughter, partnership. Thank you Rodger for giving me this life… 19 years and counting.

I always remember a Mom who gave her all for her family. I miss her and still say, You are never old enough to lose your Mom.

I love the big ole’ Mac. This dog who, at the river, can astound with feats of power swimming, athletic skills AAA, retrieval, joy, ecstasy, but then he can turn around at home in the evening and interminably want to simply be a cuddle-bug companion with a wet sloppy kiss.

I love this little spot of land we live on and for a while, have called home. It’s rich in beauty many seasons of the year not just in summer. It isn’t just the land, it’s all that comes with it: garden bounty, squirrels, birds, deer, coyote. Oh wait. I’m not sure yet about the raccoons. Let’s not forget all the wonderful people that live around us. What a lucky spot to be planted at if only for a while.

I am even thankful for the cheap imitation piano, the Kurtzweil that doesn’t get played enough….but when it is played, it’s a creates some joy.

Gee, it’s time to start packing up the season’s goodies, updating lists, addresses, letters, cards, thinking of outdoor lights, trees, packages all tied up with string. Oh Joy! That little month is almost here.

I also am really happy I have learned to cook a few things and even a bit of bread that nurture, and even more so give comfort and warmth on a cold evening. I’m thankful things it takes to make those foods are available.

I could go on and on. Today I feel lucky to just be alive.

I am very happy Paula and Mick are coming up for Thanksgiving. We haven’t had “related relatives” here on that day for a while….. Of course I will never forget LAST Thanksgiving when our most fabulous friends Nancy G & Carol D, who had been in the neighborhood for another reason, stopped by……. It took some real “begging” but they finally agreed to stay and share our home-made meal together. Because of Nancy & Carol, our real “family” was with us. I will never forget that afternoon with two fabulous women we adore completely. Funny how “family” does not mean sharing the same parents.

I guess I’d better go start working on 1) Where are we going to get that fresh Turkey this year? Time to be thinking about that.
Time to be thinking about Pumpkin Pie. Homemade dinner rolls. Mmmmm.

Time to bring in some wood. Nights are cooling off……I see our first woodstove fire of the season coming up soon.

YES. Fall is here, and I’m happy. I see a billion leaves out there, wind, rain, and yet joy with upcoming family gatherings, singing around a piano, cookies, laughter, smiles, and HOPE that change is here. I’m so very happy watching this fade into the sunset:

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