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10/17/2008 | Scuff Productions

Scuff Boys Featured in local Media!

Bloged in garden,General Home Life by mark Friday October 17, 2008

Leanne L. has been writing about Portland Gardening for a while. She writes about her own life at LELO in NOPO…and at the moment you can see she’s done an article about us. She’s done things for the Oregonian, but currently writes her gardening column for the local Gay Publication: Just Out Magazine .

both of us

She came up a couple weeks ago to do an interview with us about our gardening and canning hobbies. It has just now been released. I hope you’ll get to visit those two links above. **There’s also a link on Lelo’s page showing some of the other pictures she took while she was here. I am humbled . . . .she was most kind in her writeup.

Leanne is a fabulous cook and gardener. You should see HER yard. Not one inch of space wasted, everything artfully set, it’s a beautiful picture itself. We’re enjoying getting to know her.

I suppose we’re now going to have to start autographing our Jams ? Hah. Only one tiny correction need be mentioned: The Russian Tomatoes are “stupice” .

Voter Suppression

Bloged in Bush,Political by mark Friday October 17, 2008

With all the conservative blabbers mouthing loud noises against a truly patriotic organization that has been around a LONG time, the A.C.O.R.N. kids, they are truly blowing smoke trying to cover up the frightening partisan (Republican) voter suppression going on around the country. I looked for news of this somewhere besides the rare liberal talk shows, and found nothing as a headline. Nowhere. I finally GOGGLED: VOTER SUPPRESSION.

There were 542 stories shown. With Tens of Thousands of names being booted from the voter rolls in MANY states by Republican officials and even a sheriff, how is this not a news headline? You can’t turn to the big propaganda stations like FOX, CNN, etc w/o hearing: “ACORN – – we got to stop them kids from getting poor people to vote!” (See O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc etc).

Sometimes I think the country’s waking up, and I can’t wait to cast my vote in hopes the tide can be turned. Still, it’s despairing seeing the Corporate Criminals with their hand inside Bushes’ tush manipulating billions from our ragged pockets into their own guarded gated private accounts, no doubt, offshore to avoid any tax penalty.

WHO EVER takes over in January will have a most desperate situation. These CRIMINAL pigs-at-the-trough are actually getting away with pillaging and plundering what little’s left that supports the life of the ordinary citizens here in America. At days end, they smile at the same country clubs holding up cocktails laughing at the weakness of the poor.

Ah! I feel BETTER.

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