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12/14/2007 | Scuff Productions

Is This Your Next President

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Friday December 14, 2007

This could be your next Presidential First Family, the Leader of this Empire, such as it is, in 2008, if some Fundamentalists have their way:
No matter how tolerant I may be on some issues, but THIS is NOT what I could stomach staring at news during a holiday photo op. This is straight out of a possible Southern Baptist REALITY show: “Life of a Preacher Man”, a Bible Literalist Fundy Preacher, that is.

And, if Mike Huckabee doesn’t believe in evolution, he should. This picture doesn’t look like Intelligent Design to me, and I’m not referring to the weight issues, the health issues, the plastered on smiles, or the bright perky religious faces. It’s the idea of religious “Uniforma” appearance………..I wonder what he’ll have all the Gays wearing? Pink triangles? Public schools in smiley uniforms, no more dancing, NO JOY at Christmas.

THIS WAS SHOCKING somehow to me, to think THIS kind of man is actually taking over the lead in some areas of the midwest. Frightening, and I mean Frightening.

I’m even a little worried about the dog. Looks like she’s got him ’round the neck.

ps: The source of this Huckabee Family Holiday Picture: The Wonkette.

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