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November, 2007 | Scuff Productions

The Sam-n-Deborah Party: Outdoor Sports!

Bloged in General Home Life,Nature,Oregon,Pacific Northwest by mark Wednesday November 28, 2007

We were invited to an annual get-together of old friends of our new neighbors, Sam & Deborah. This couple moved in a couple years ago, just across the street, but with kids and busy lives, we haven’t really gotten all that acquainted with them. Nothing wrong, just different lives happening. That all changed with this event!
Sam and Deborah told me more of their story that involved his proposing to her while vacationing/camping up in S.E. Oregon’s little known ** Steens Mountain range, **, not 90 miles form the tiny cowtown I grew up in. This picture looks directly at the Steens from their smaller cousins, the Trout Creek Mtns:

If you’re camping there, you MAY be near this lovely river that holds WILD trout, the Blitzen:
blitzen***cuteness: There are two rivers that drain the snowbanks of this range, how Christmas could this be: The Donner & Blitzen.

Their party-goer friendships are long-term, and all revolve around very rugged outdoor sports….. like hiking up steep mountain slopes and then skiing down! It was potluck, Rodger got a projector for them to display their 2006-2007 photos on these expeditions. Some were astounding, but nothing any more charming than Sam-n-Deborah’s kids shown boarding off of sand dunes on the Alvord Desert….here’s what it looks like with the mtn range rising in the background:
Here’s Chet:

Chet, the younger, is probably in the second grade………….. Conrad just a year or two older:

Their Dad built a little half-pipe in their back yard, and we can hear them after schools….great kids, and athletic as hell.

What a place to get a marriage proposal at, eh?

So, as the party progressed, and fabulous photography was displayed, I was not surprised to hear fascinating stories from this interesting group of folk………… the mistakes, the climbs, the thrills. The best? The fit guy describing his steep climb in deep snow to the top of the peak, and JUST as he planted his feet on the top, got skis unpacked, ONE ski takes off down the slope. He spent the afternoon hiking back DOWN the mountain….after watching all his friends ski off happily.

I wasn’t surprised either to learn that MOST of them were taught athletic pursuits when they were kids. Maybe that’s my problem? My folks did NOTHING sportswise…..I suppose when you’re weeding 100 acres of sugar beets at $.06 per row, there’s not much time to go snowboarding, HAH!

For the Bible Tells Me So – Our Screening Nov 30 1900 Hours

Bloged in Gay,Political,Religion by mark Tuesday November 27, 2007

Friends ………. We just sent this to our local friends here in Portland. Please try to fly in and join us, we “believe” this will be most-fun movie to “discuss” afterwards. So join us this Friday night, won’t you?
= = = = = = =


It appears the preponderance of our friends who responded to the announcement of this Movie’s showing at Cinema 21 are available for the screening THIS FRIDAY evening at Cinema 21, 7:00 pm:

This link is on the CINEMA 21 site……………from where this opens, you can see the trailer, times, etc:

**** CINEMA 21 ****

So that’s when we’re going……………….and sorry to those of you who couldn’t go that night. REMEMBER, THIS SAT – SUNDAY there are matinees at 3:00 PM.


PARKING: is always a problem in this area, but remember, CINEMA 21 is allowed FREE PARKING at the GOOD SAM PARKING GARAGE at 22nd and Kearney, and here’s the LINK for that information that shows a MAP:

*** Cinema 21 Parking ***

THAT means about a 4 block walk to the theater, but they’re short blocks. SO FAR, the forecast predicts a dry evening.

We’re planning to meet about 6:45 in the lobby IF we plan to sit together. HOWEVER, if we don’t GET seats in the same area, a “meet & greet post-movie DISCUSSION would be a fun time. The closest spot is across the street at the corner, “THE GYPSY”………….where we can discuss Biblical Text, and of course, the entire course of Human History vs. Theocracy. HAH. (That way NO moving cars is involved).

We’ll see you 1845 hours in the Cinema 21 Lobby?

Warm regards, ………………..

Mark & Rodger

Pearl Starbucks vs. Starbucks I’m used to, i.e., Coffee Grounds.

Bloged in garden by mark Tuesday November 27, 2007

I’m NOT a big-box corporation fan. I don’t drink coffee, really. I have become a Starbucks devotee however, since the corporation implemented a used coffee grounds recycling program 2-3 years ago.
IT IS NOT that Starbucks is noble, they are saving millions of waste cost by doing this, to give them credit, THIS program reaps rewards by giving gardeners a high nitrogen, medium-low acid mulch welcomed on ALL shrubs, roses, beds, lawns, etc., or for OUR place, about EVERYWHERE in our yard made of hard clay.

The extra $$$ Starbucks was saving was that they got customers to pack out their very thick heavy Aluminium bags the new coffee arrives in. When they’re emptied, they’re now re-filled with the old grounds and put in a bucket by the door. Those bags are so thick, it doesn’t take many to fill our waste can. In THIS aspect, Starbucks has NOT done anything about recycling….they’ve just foisted the duty of getting rid of those heavy bags onto the customer. They’re going to the same landfill.

So. Serious gardeners here have learned to try timing their Starbucks visits around mid-morning, just after the morning rush, but BEFORE the Baristas have had time to scoop grounds of the waste can into the heavy bags and move them to the door.

I’ve learned to ask at the counter for everything they have and they happily hoist a full waste can of grounds enclosed in a thin plastic bag out, give to me, and I leave. They don’t have to scoop, and I don’t have those thick bags to get rid of. I’ve learned which Starbucks are the best spots to do this task at.

This holiday weekend though found us moving in the center of downtown Portland, and going by two new locations we weren’t even aware of. The first set up in the new “Pearl District”, i.e., an expanse of condos, galleries now developed where former ghostly old buildings, cheap rentals for artists, the typical last resort place to live if you’re poor. You know, the old warehouse districts, that in almost all cities are now sadly, all gone.

I walked in…waited my turn at the counter until Ms Barista smiled and said, “Hi, what can I get started for you today?”. My response is always, in my nicest demeanor, “Hi, I’m just the annoying gardening guy, and hope nobody’s beat me to all those grounds over there in that can.” She looked at me with a lost look and no response. I said, “You don’t take part in the recycling program?” And with a bit of an upturned nose says, “I guess we don’t. There aren’t a log of gardens down here you know.” I then asked, “Well, don’t you have grounds in that waste-can you can give me?” She said, “No,” without the slightest glance in the direction of where any waste can could possible be sitting in HER store.

The second store was over near Stark / 12th, an area bordering the “Pearl” so it too is being gentrified. It’s the old GAY street and many bars have moved out. I walk into this one and the very same thing happened except this person said, “I’ll speak to my manager about it.”

I guess recycling only applies if you live in the suburbs? Was she above having to scoop out a bag of grounds and give them to me in front of the coiffed Pearlite residents? The size of the heavy aluminum bags is just right for any Condo owner who has plants on a deck. IS this something I’ll ask corporate Starbucks?

My Philosophy . . .

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Saturday November 24, 2007

Thanks to Artist Baird sharing, and the wisdom of sage Joseph Campbell, This has long been my spiritual philosophy:


IF humanity would pause just long enough to experience this, and admittedly, capitalists would have to be tied to a pole for a long time to even recognize the light of beauty, I kid, our lives would be very different. Perhaps we wouldn’t have nuclear energy, we wouldn’t have Garmins, I-Phones, I-pods, and a lot of other things, but I bet we’d be a more peaceful species.

note: by the way . . . .it’s a commercial photo, but that IS a Portland Skyline.

Thanksgiving and then Premarital Sex?

Bloged in Family,humor,Religion by mark Wednesday November 21, 2007

This post contains two video links. The first a lovely memory piece of the True reasons Mothers love Thanksgiving, and the second, an adult moral tale for you singles out there religiously holding onto your virginity until the Pope or Bishop seals you two together forever. Do NOT watch the second if you don’t like adult humor.

rockwell turkey
The first.
How I REMEMBER the Turkey Dinner coming to be in my youth.


Now that your full, and relaxed…………IS Premarital Sex a Good or Bad Thing? Perhaps it does have a place in society.

CAUTIONARY NOTE: The link below contains adult material. If you’re awaiting the Bishop’s approval to renew your expired Temple Recommend, or have just cleaned up your sins via confessional prior to heading out to the family dinner, perhaps you shouldn’t view this.

BUT. In case, you may end up out celebrating the fact you escaped Uncle Bert & Aunt Magnolia’s screaming fit about what side of the family their third child, Edgar is most like after the Turkey Dinner, and you have found yourself suddenly in love with a beautiful partner, and you actually DO go to her place, and you give in to your youthful passion, I just wanted you to see this educational short video:

***Premarital Sex. The romantic side***

Is Your Turkey Missing?

Bloged in humor by mark Wednesday November 21, 2007

I’m tellin’ ya, WE live in the woods. We subscribe to the Skyline Blvd Ridgerunner, a weekly newsline published on-line in case of emergencies. Remember the time I swore I saw a Lynx but everyone said it would HAVE to be a bobcat because a Lynx doesn’t get much south of the Canadian border? We later found one of the stranger guys down the street a ways HAS a pet Lynx…..and it does get out once in a while?


Just received in my e-mail this announcement in OUR street’s local online news, this headline announcement:

= = = = = = =
Missing Animals Missing Turkey

Last seen 3/4 mile up Logie Trail Road from hwy 30; large heritage breed tom with dark gray feathers. Approximately 65 pounds, friendly (as turkeys go). Owners missing him as they had plans for stuffing and gravy. Any information please contact Kim Johnson 503-621-9696 or
= = = = ==
NOW. I am having my first holiday laugh.

The Obedience Winner

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Tuesday November 20, 2007

(yep, I know…a cheesy web photo…………….but. if You have a dog, wouldn’t it be nice?)

obedience winner

Meet a disabled War Vet

Bloged in Bush,Political by mark Tuesday November 20, 2007

I drove the P/U down to the car dealer for the hated 120k service ($499.95!!!)……………… arrived 0800, walked in and the “available” service rep was a young basso voiced strong-featured marine-like guy sitting …… Tony took my information then said he’d need to get the mileage record of course, and got up to walk to the truck with me. He grabbed a CANE and limped badly…. I said don’t tell me…. you’re a vet. He said yep!

I asked how. He explained he’s in the air force and was just finishing up at Lackland AFB in TX when a shop accident pretty much has destroyed his knee. Like straight out of the documentaries now airing, he waited 6 months for an evaluation, another year for surgery, they bungled the surgery, and he’s BACK on the waiting list to an MRI. A Wait list of 6 months just for an MRI!!! They’ve discharged him, but in two years now have been unable to finish processing any papers so he sits in an active/inactive status. His WAIT LIST for the Corrective Surgery? Another year is what he’s told.

He fell down a flight of stairs a month ago because the knee buckled on him, and yet, he’ll wait. One more thing. In this last two years, two of his buddies that signed up for the marines when he went AF, were killed in a roadside bomb in Iraq.

This little tiny speck of suffering…….is heartbreaking, and yet it is lost in the hundreds of thousands of deaths, thousands maimed, creation of generations of hatred toward us, creation of unfathomable DEBT owed to Chinese, and a very possible collapse of our way of life.

I cried on the way home.

Mormons vs. Women as an Equal controversy continues

Bloged in Mormons,Religion by mark Tuesday November 20, 2007

In October, when newly installed (“sustained” Mormon Women’s Relief Society President Julie Beck gave her sort of introductory speech at the worldwide conference broadcast from Salt Lake City, she said some rather Victorian things that have stirred controversy for many of the Mormon women who have been hoping for their entire lives that the Church would begin to let go of its completely Patriarchial rule. The controversy hasn’t died. Here are the highlights of the “controversial” items she said “worthy” Mormon Women should be doing:

In her speech at LDS General Conference last month, Relief Society President Julie Beck:
* urged Mormon women not to limit or delay child-bearing.
* said Mormon mothers could honor their sacred covenants as some African women did by bringing their daughters to church “in clean and ironed dresses with hair brushed to perfection; their sons wear white shirts and ties and have missionary haircuts.”
* linked the idea of nurturing with housekeeping and that included “cooking, washing clothes and dishes, and keeping an orderly house.”
* suggested that LDS women cut back on activities outside the home “to conserve their limited strength in order to maximize their influence where it matters most.”
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

You CAN read more about the organized opposition to what Ms. Beck, and along with her, the Patriarchial Rulers of these women are telling them to do at: What Women Know!

There are many comments posted right after the SL Tribune article today that brought me up to date on the on-going Church controversy (Hundreds of women sign online rebuttal of Mormon conference motherhood comments). Not surprisingly, I suppose, there were many posted that are mad at any woman who would stand up against these Victorian commands…..some of them, of course, written by, who else, MEN!

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