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9/17/2007 | Scuff Productions

Apple Crisp. EARLY Fall? Already? Pizza Italia? The Pearl?

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Monday September 17, 2007

Our drives this weekend gave us a feeling of early fall…………….oh oh!
fall begin
Some of the deciduous kids seem more than just started in turning color:
Not just the look of the leaves drying, and beginning to turn from green to brown or gold, and a few dropping, but the breeze was cool and damp. Temperatures barely making 60 up here. The last 10 ears of corn were picked and await a *4* minute boil. A braised & very tender cubed steak in a luscious red wine/beef gravy is waiting evening appetites. So just what has those atmosphere changes wrought? Just what was it that I was still missing in the old “craving” bank this morning?

Hm. The Gravenstein apples in the yard are now ripe. After the paragraph above, don’t you think an apple crisp was in order? Aha! Yes, that’s what we need, so apples were picked, prepared and here’s what is cooling on the counter awaiting an adoring fan or eight:
IF YOU TOO NOW want this fabulous dessert, the recipe was posted last year, so just click here: **OLD FASHIONED APPLE CRISP**

I just had a piece….you know, purely research purposes at work. Yum. I’m now content.

The sunflower that fell? It’s now in the garage awaiting its turn to feed birds after a bit more drying:
Yep. Summer seems to be gone. We will enjoy a bit of respite with some fabulous dry sunny days yet, I’m sure, but the “work” of the summer season is getting behind us. We await the arrival of the woodshed crew Oct 4, and do have to finish prepping that site.

The middle of September in this area is an unbelievable whirlwind of desperate Portlanders trying to get it “all in” while they can still be outside in t-shirts and shorts. I couldn’t BEGIN to list every festival, fair, rally, gathering, potluck, market, concerts that were going on this past weekend. To ADD to the Traffic mess going south out of Portland, both the University of Oregon in Eugene (GO Ducks!) and Oregon State University in Corvallis (Beavers) were having home football games. Football in Oregon’s no less a serious event than it is in Oklahoma, Ohio or almost anywhere in this country.

On Wednesday evening with we went with Elena & Emilio to Troutdale to Winks Sports Bar. They were celebrating their last classic car gathering of the summer with a classic rock and roll trio and it was pretty amazing. Yep, too loud, but perty inneresting. Some amazing restored old cars, and some amazing old mechanics.

Our weekend was topped off pretty grandly last night when Elena & Emilio escorted us, Freddy & Inga along with their Apt Manager (recent widower Bob whom they’ve “adopted”) to Piazza Italia in the new Pearl District where Emilio is now one of the head chefs. What a feast! We couldn’t have been with someone better to show us the true “Italian” way to eat. Emilio introduced us to both owners, the wives, the fabulous waiter who has only been here from Italy a few months but literally bursts with personality and energy.

Emilio did all the ordering because he KNOWS which of the menu dishes they excel at. Some, not all, of the pasta itself is housemade….”some” but not all of the desserts are house made, so it was nice to hand pick all house-made items. The service was fantastic, the owner paid for the wine, Elena & Emilio provided our meals, and the Cannoli’s & Gelato at the end were impressive. What a thrilling, warm, evening with new friends.

This is Emilio & Elena with us earlier in the summer at yet ANOTHER feast they provided for us at their place:

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