RUFOUS are ON the Way !

Bloged in birding by mark Wednesday March 7, 2007
Checking OBOL(Oregon Birders On Line) this morning, I am quite excited to report the first wave of Rufous Hummingbirds are on the way........mostly male, and probably almost ALL will be passing THROUGH here since the FIRST arrivals usually are nesting in Alaska or No. Canada. HOWEVER: These FIRST waves DO need food and rest on the way. I expect our own local group to begin arriving before the end of the month. I HOPE bird fans here in our area will put out at least a couple of feeders at different spots for these little guys to grab a quick bite for their long flight. This photo was caught by a blogger in McMinnville yesterday: rufousmcminnville2 THE OBOL group are FUN to read in the spring as they report ALL the migration activity of millions of birds.....their excitement is infectious...................... to the kitchen for sugar, water, a quick boil, cooling, and two feeders up by tonight. Hooray.

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