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3/3/2007 | Scuff Productions

Karen and Paula Again?

Bloged in Family,General Home Life by mark Saturday March 3, 2007

What is this world coming to? Our favorite cousins in Ripon & Oakdale are coming to visit!
These two have given us fabulous thrills in last visits to CA. Karen sponsors tours of the Hershey Gift Shop in Oakdale, CA (remember…Oakdale is the Cowboy Capitol of the World1….according to many in Oakdale):

And back at Ripon, CA, Paula, on our last day visiting, always gently stuffs a few dozen mighty fresh eggs into our luggage from Hilmar ….. Hilmar has become lots more than just a few chickens sitting around laying:

We may have reservations about this visit? The last time they visited Karen’s only truly serious request was to visit Joanne’s Fabrics store where she promptly purchased this item to use on her next sewing project:
Any knowledgeable psychiatrist would put WHAT twist on this kind of fabric purchase?

Did Mark & Rodger hide in the closet while Karen ran this through the cash register?

Are we looking forward to another visit to the fabric store with these two? (yes). However. Doesn’t it seem a bit twisted. We have Hershey’s Chocolate, Fresh Eggs, Hilmar Cheese, Cowboys, Musclemen Fabric all twisted into one visit? And we’ll probably play HEARTS until the wee hours of the morning the night before they leave for home.

Can’t wait………………………..the only request we have, Karen & Paula is: EXTEND your stay for a week.

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