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12/6/2006 | Scuff Productions

Mac Attack! Again?

Bloged in General Home Life,Scuff Boys by mark Wednesday December 6, 2006

MAC lives to retrieve. His human “masters” (?) have exploited this inherited trait. One old friend of his (Porter, the finest example of Chocolate Lab we ever knew, thanks Paul & Kristen) taught him to jump.

Since that time, a time that included the tragic loss of Porter, Baird, Karen, Ellie (Mac’s girlfriend) and I often walk down Newton Rd to the Forest Park Trail-head. Mac’s leaping tendency made itself known and we began to see a pattern. The bigger the stick, and the deeper the canyon, the larger the truly big “LEAPS” MAC would take over the edges of the trail. You would see his body bouncing up/down the slope between the shrubs, plants, trees all the while ears would be visible going UP/Down as his body bounced. Sometimes you would see a winding dog running in/out of deer-raccoon trails seemingly full of wisdom.

In a post from August 5 THIS year, we reported MAC’s partial removal of his carpal Pad from this “leaping/jump behavior by our most revered Surgeon, Dr. Jason Kimball from the Silver Creek Animal Clinic in Silverton, OREGON. NOT only were we given the best recovery counseling, but the finest surgical treatment possible at half the cost of a Metro Portland Animal Clinic resource.

Unfortunately, once again, MAC has leaped OFF the edge of the cliff (is it OUR fault our trying to fulfill his fantasy of throwing a stick into the wild? ….yes it is…….haven’t we learned anything?) This time, the front of his toe pads on his right front foot we’re cut, hashed open. We wrapped it tight, we wrapped it loose, we let it dry, we did lots of things then we ran out of options.
For a week, he would do okay, then be frustrated about being held back. IF he got loose for one minute he would run, jump, with excitement, and break open the wound. Yes, it is true. Dogs do NOT wisely make choices when injured. Here he appears to be orphan like, appealing for sympathy (so as to be given a dog biscuit), but would just as soon as……be chasing a deer with a bleeding foot).
SO. We did all we could trying to wrap him over a week, then took him BACK to Dr. Jason Kimball, the BEST Vet in OREGON, at the Silver Creek Animal Clinic in Silverton, OREGON……………………. AND?

THIS time, we were quite thrilled to learn from Dr. Kimball that we had been doing the right treatment, and that MAC was well on his way to recovery. He did NOT want to do any other intervention on this animal……………..YEAH! We learned on these kinds of dog paw cuts, they heal from the inside…….so he was already on his way to recovery. Maybe we DID learn something from that LAST puppy injury.

Dr. Kimball helped in other ways…….he showed me how it SHOULD be wrapped for a few hours a day:

Once again, we were so very pleased we made the effort to drive to Silverton with an appointment to see Dr. Jason Kimball! I BELIEVE the neighborhood we’re in should car-pool with our pets…..heck, we can stop for German Food Lunch in Mt. Angel on the way, or shop at Wilco Farm Store in Silverton! Let’s get a plan going so ALL our pets see the doc at one time, eh?

I couldn’t even believe today that MAC still seemed to love Dr. Kimball despite the fact that he had performed two surgeries on him already. I tell you………there’s something about this little place we love. …………….

NOW. Back to the work of Christmas Preparations.

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