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8/18/2006 | Scuff Productions

Summer Flowers

Bloged in garden,Nature by mark Friday August 18, 2006

Nothing says summer like elegant flowers that put your nose in a swoon:

The exotic Asia Lily perennially comes up in the same pot every year and by August puts out about 12-15 of these long lasting blooms that smell as exotic as they look. As a cut flower they will last a week. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Yes, the common and sometimes considered invasive “Butterfly Bush” is usually lavendar, but we have at least and only ONE that lavishes these gorgeous white flowerlets. The smell is intoxicating to butterflies and hummingbirds and even for me. However, I’m not sure of it’s romantic beauty since sometimes a whiff of the Butterfly Bush flowers brings back memories of being at a big funeral where hundreds of flowers are….yes, it’s a dense rich smell here that these little creamy flowers bring back.

The fabulous Dahlias that I put in months too late are actually going to bloom it appears. Can’t wait.

Mole Wars and thinning plant life

Bloged in garden by mark Friday August 18, 2006

The Moles have once again been told to stay out for a couple weeks. However, three gassers were used since their brazen entries are coming from 3 separate points. My guess is there are TWO moles claiming territory here… on each end. They had raised about 5 mounds since my last watering. This is one intelligently evolved (not designed you note)…….animal. Perfect at his craft and if he didn’t have to push that dirt up to open his tunnels, you’d never know he was there. They are ALL over this darn yard but until they clear out the dirt, we have no chance of getting them.

I spent the entire morning watering, thinning, clearing out a lot of tomato & tomatillo branches, leaves that were just clogging up the plant systems that can now more easily have light to ripen easier PLUS I can walk through that row better. This will make harvesting a lot easier.

NOW the second pressure wash is done on our deck and NO bird poop remains. I believe we better stain that deck as SOON as this wood is dry, eh?

Cucumber soup………………let’s go make some. Yummy combination of mint leaves, yogurt, cucumber puree, etc……. a once a year delight.

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