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5/10/2006 | Scuff Productions

Bird Luck – E Grosbeak

Bloged in birding by mark Wednesday May 10, 2006

Can it be true? Probably three years ago we had a nesting group of the most beautiful bird that passes through this area. An Evening Grosbeak family stayed with us long enough to nest and fledge some chicks. By habit, this breed IS nomadic, and more often than not, you “may” see a small group of them once a year.

TODAY, I am once again doing the hardest garden work of the year: Rototilling with the big machine, making raised rows, planting seedlings, WEEDING, digging out established perennials from the flower garden that we need to clean out, TILL, and mulch heavily to give this bed a kickstart back to beauty. SO…………………………..

Beginning as soon as I went outside about 9:15, I “hear” the singular one-tone call of no other than the beautiful EVENING GROSBEAK. He’s calling RIGHT over the feeders. How thrilling BECAUSE we HAVE been seeing a few off and on for the last 3-4 weeks….does this mean he’s calling to SET up a family with us? Whoopee if that’s the case. I DO THINK that’s what’s happening because the calling has continued all day with first he and ONE female coming to feed, and this afternoon, there are two females with him at the feeders. I DO believe we’re going to have these tuxedoed free-spirits here for at least the next 4-5 weeks:

The brightly colored bird is the male, as usual, while more modest mom is thinking about building a nest, eh?

What a BUSY two days. I HAD to come in to eat lunch, late as it is, but to relax this back. Whew…..It’s GREAT weather. Most fun.

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